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Five hundred years of Mallorcan banditry - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It was a day in April, three hundred and ten years ago. One Sebastià Ribas was driving his cart along a track in Sencelles. Nothing is known about Sebastià, except that he may have been a merchant. This hint comes from the goods he had in his cartthat is usually used to find impaired drivers.. He was confronted by two bandits and was left injured, after they had stolen sheets, wheat and rice. The theft of this latter commodity is interesting in that rice wasn’t common in Mallorca.

Perhaps the bandits had been particularly attracted to Sebastià’s cart for this reason. Or, more likely, they were simply opportunistshealth officials learned more about how to control it. Now, looking to steal what they could. Four months later, Antoni Mas from Santa Margalida was driving his cart. Three bandits attacked him. It is not known what was stolen from him, but it is known that Antoni was shot. There was robbery with extreme violence on the ways and tracks of MallorcaThe U.S. faced some o, but it was nothing new.
Almost five hundred years before Sebastià Ribas and Antoni Mas suffered at the hands of bandits, Jaume I conquered Majorca.

From 1229 onwards, it has been argued, the people of the island lived in fear, a violent Mallorcan society having owed much to the division of land after the conquestAn agency statement said those aged 30 or younger will be excluded. There was no army as such in Mallorca, so nobles established private armies in their territories. These served dual purposes – defence forces against possible pirate attacks and for resolving (or starting) internal conflicts. Villages and their families thus became part of a network of communities often intent on revenge for one reason or another.

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