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Improper selection of decoration materials will cause more serious harm to children. The weight of formaldehyde is slightly larger than that of air, so formaldehyde mainly accumulates in the range of about 1 meter on the ground, which happens to be the main respiratory zone of children

improper selection of decoration materials will cause more serious harm to children

the weight of formaldehyde is slightly larger than that of air, so formaldehyde mainly accumulates in the range of about 1 meter on the ground, which is exactly the main respiratory zone of children. Because children's body cells are active and their metabolism is faster, when they are quiet, children's air intake is twice that of adults, so an environment with excessive formaldehyde is more harmful to children

long term over standard or excessive absorption of formaldehyde will bring harm to children in the following aspects:

first, it will affect children's development and may cause children's mental decline

the younger the child is, the more vulnerable it is. Because children's physical development is not yet fully mature, the epidemic prevention system needs to be slowly established in the growth process, and their ability to resist external injuries is far less than that of adults. Even a small amount of formaldehyde pollution, adults can rely on their own resistance to resolve, but children can't. The younger the child, the lower the resistance and the more need for protection

second, formaldehyde pollution has greatly increased the risk of children's disease

children are currently at a high risk of leukemia. In addition to the internal cause of children's fragile immune function, formaldehyde emitted by indoor decoration materials is also one of the killers. Because children have hematological characteristics different from adults, for example, children are in the process of growth, their hematopoietic function is unstable, and their hematopoietic reserve capacity is poor; Children's hematopoietic organs are susceptible to infection and malnutrition. According to relevant statistics, 90% of children with leukemia are related to decoration pollution. Formaldehyde exceeding the standard can lead to children's blood diseases, and the serious case is leukemia

third, formaldehyde exceeding the standard will increase the incidence rate of asthma in children

the research of health experts shows that when the action concentration of indoor formaldehyde reaches 0.06-0.07 mg in cubic meters of air, children may develop asthma. The World Health Organization announced that 100000 people worldwide die of asthma every year due to air pollution, accounting for 35% of the total asthma cases. According to the investigation of the medical department, formaldehyde emission pollution is the main reason for the increase of asthma in children aged 3-5 years. In China, the prevalence rate of children is 2% - 5%, and the prevalence rate of children aged 1-5 is as high as 85%. The main factor causing asthma in preschool children and primary school students is indoor formaldehyde pollution in families and preschool education places

IV. formaldehyde pollution will cause congenital abnormalities in newborns and changes in fetal chromosomes

a recent study by American medical institutions shows that indoor air pollution can harm the fetus in the womb of pregnant women. For pregnant women who breathe heavily polluted air with formaldehyde, the persistent gene mutation in their newborns is about 50% higher than the normal level. In recent years, the total incidence of neonatal birth defects in China is 1.3%, accounting for about 4% - 6% of the total number of births every year. The total number of newly born children with congenital disabilities is as high as 800000-1.2 million every year

v. formaldehyde causes neonatal heart disease

pregnant women inhale polluted air during pregnancy, and children born later are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Pregnant women living in heavily polluted air are three times more likely to have children with heart disease than pregnant women breathing fresh air. The long-term exposure of newborns to low concentration formaldehyde may also cause chronic respiratory diseases, promote the physical decline of newborns, and cause heart disease in children

VI. cause other physical discomfort symptoms

formaldehyde pollution can cause children's nasopharyngeal discomfort, cough, asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis and other respiratory system diseases, as well as children's skin allergy, corneal and conjunctival congestion and inflammation; When the pollution is serious, it can cause nausea, vomiting and gastrointestinal dysfunction in children. The impact of formaldehyde on human health is mainly manifested in abnormal smell, irritation, allergy, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function, abnormal immune function and so on, which is more serious to children

do you know why excessive formaldehyde causes greater harm to children

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