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After nearly three decades of sedimentation in the domestic history, the door and window profession is still a relatively sophisticated industry in all home building materials professions. For many brand companies of doors and windows, Guanhao doors and windows believes that in this shopping mall that has been carried out for many years, the current relatively sluggish professional situation has made many companies fall into a more difficult situation. The chaotic shopping mall competition environment urges most companies to make adjustments

now, various trends in door and window shopping malls are gradually emerging, and diversification has become the most obvious label on door and window shopping malls nowadays. The extension of the commodity line has been included in the strategic planning of many companies. From the perspective of the company, in the extension and development of commodities, in addition to mastering the core technology, the company also needs high investment to strengthen its productivity, so as to make its own production equipment in line with the times, intelligent production system and equipped with multiple production lines, plan the production base, form its own production scale advantage, and form a strong reserve force in the process of competition

at a time when consumers' needs are diverse, door and window brand companies' commodity development needs to make a good market positioning, not only in terms of personalization and fashion, but also pay more attention to the spending thoughts and prices of consumers. Whether it is high-end goods, it is necessary to meet the needs of consumers! Professionals believe that whether cloth clothes or high-end clothes, they can capture the hearts of some consumers. Because the demand of shopping malls is always different. Door and window production companies need to see this clearly, and set a good position in the design of door and window goods. One may lose the high-end spending group by taking the road of cloth clothes, or the mass spending group by blindly high-end. Who is light and who is heavy, but also the door and window brand companies should distinguish according to their own conditions

the door and window brand companies are vigorously catching up with each other, and even the excess supply divorced from the actual situation has not only impacted the mall, but also made the only result of the competition that is the price divorced from the value, so that the company fell into the quagmire of loss. This is an experience that companies cannot take for granted to expand their own production scale. Only on the basis of following the rules of market development and thinking about the saturation of the market, can we make progress in the competition, not retreat




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