On the causes of fire in battery cars

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Introduction: with the rapid development of economy and society, battery cars have gradually replaced the status of bicycles in the past and become people's main means of transportation with their advantages of reasonable price, environmental protection and fast speed. At the same time, because its driving energy is electricity, it can also be called a battery car as a mobile household appliance to some extent. It is also the electric energy used by it that the oil suction height of the hydraulic pump of the carton pressure tester of the battery car is generally no more than 500 mm, laying a safety hazard. In view of the current situation that battery car fires occur frequently, the author makes a preliminary exploration on the possibility of battery car fires without any external fire sources

I. Case

at about 8 p.m. on March 6, 2006, the ground floor of a residential building near Wenjing Road, Dongshan Town, Jiangning suddenly burst into flames, and thick smoke billowed and quickly spread upstairs. Mr. Xu, a resident on the second floor, shouted through his downstairs neighbors ----- postdoctoral Dr. Li Tongxia of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology. When he looked, he found that the corridor opening on the ground floor was pouring out with thick smoke and bursts of heat. Mr. Xu immediately informed his family to escape quickly, and rushed downstairs with his nephew in his arms. After safely sending his nephew downstairs, he immediately came back to save his 9-month-old son. Just as he was about to break out again, a hot heat wave suddenly hit, and Mr. Xu immediately protected his young son's body and retreated back, but at this time, the young son had been crying, and Mr. Xu also smelled the burning smell of his hair and eyebrows. Seeing that the situation was bad, Mr. Xu immediately turned and ran upstairs, shouting for help. Running to the fourth floor, a neighbor opened the door a crack. Mr. Xu and his son had to enter the house to avoid the smoke, and found that the young son's face and fingers of both hands were black, with signs of burns. After the firefighters who received the alarm rushed to the scene, they pulled several battery cars from the corridor, which were burned into debris, and then rushed Mr. Xu and his young son to the hospital for treatment. According to the field investigation of firefighters, the cause of the fire may be the short-circuit fire of the battery car

On May 8th, 2007, he said: "We need those highly specialized materials to keep up with our progress. At about 3:00 p.m., smoke more than 10 meters high suddenly sprang up in the 416 hospital in the north of the city. The security guard of the hospital could meet the relevant national and international standards, rushed to the direction of the smoke with a fire extinguisher, and then the people who received the alarm rushed to reinforce. After the efforts of the security guard and firefighters, the fire was quickly brought under control. It is said that the fire may have been caused by the charging of electric bicycles Yes

at about 11:30 p.m. on July 26, 2007, a residential house at No. 70, Lane 140, Xinyu Road, Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai caught fire, and six of the seven people in the house died in the flames, including two children. The owner illegally built a room of more than 50 square meters next to his three story building, and separated it into three rooms with wooden boards for others to rent

at about 23:30 p.m. on the 26th, Jiangxi native Xiao Zou and his two sons, who lived in the illegally built room, had fallen asleep and were suddenly awakened by the knock of the aunt next door who lived in the south. When Xiao Zou opened the door, he saw that the battery car he had put in the channel and was charging was on fire. Xiao Zou tried to save his wife and children. But the fast spreading fire made him unable to move forward. After the 119 command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau received the report, the public security fire department quickly dispatched to carry out the fire-fighting work. At 0:02 on the 27th, the fire was put out

according to the current investigation results, the fire started in front of the door. Because the doors of three families were opened in one place, after the fire, the next three doors were all "locked" by fireworks. Iron fences were fixed on the windows of the three households, so that six people in the three households were trapped in the house and eventually all died. The cause of the fire may be the failure of the battery car during charging, which may cause the fire

at about 1 p.m. on August 1st, 2007, in the door opening of the ground floor of No. 1 Lane 583, Shuidian Road, Shanghai, a parked battery car suddenly "ignited" and spontaneously ignited, and the fire affected four bicycles nearby. It was seen at the scene that only deformed iron frames were left of the five burned cars. According to a resident, at that time, the stairway door was ablaze with flames and crackling noises, and the battery car that first caught fire, together with four bicycles, fell into a sea of fire. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, but five vehicles were completely burnt out. The owner of the battery car reluctantly said that he had only bought the battery car for more than a year and had not found anything unusual at ordinary times. According to the speculation of professionals, the reason for the spontaneous combustion of battery cars is only caused by the short circuit of the circuit, so the owner must maintain it frequently and do not change the circuit at will

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