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Talking about the communication of hazard information and the prevention of accidents in chemical enterprises

information communication, also known as information communication. There are many types of communication of information. There are information exchanges between communication tools, letters between people and machines. The following information we pay attention to in detail, as well as information exchanges between people. In real production activities, people use various means, instruments and devices to transmit various information about accident hidden dangers, production conditions and other aspects to the staff at the production site, in order to make the staff know the situation at the end of the "1025" period at the work site in time, always maintain the idea of warning, strengthen self-protection, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing accidents. How to effectively communicate hazard information directly or indirectly affects the effect of accident prevention

there are many high-temperature and high-pressure equipment in chemical enterprises; There are many inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances; It is famous for its complex process, strict operation requirements and other dangerous factors, so it has become a high-risk industry prone to various safety accidents. The effective communication of hazard information plays a very important role in the effective prevention of various accidents. Before doing any work in the working environment, people will make appropriate behavioral response decisions based on certain information. If this kind of information is dangerous information that may harm yourself and others or damage property, once the communication is poor, the parties do not make appropriate behavior response in time, it may lead to malignant accidents

) there is dangerous information, but due to the limitations of people themselves and the interference of external factors, the parties fail to find it in time, and do not take effective avoidance and handling measures, which is very likely to cause accidents, such as the case

therefore, the correct handling of feedback information such as instruments and equipment in the production process is the basis for ensuring safe production. Only when the enterprise does a good job in daily safety training, and the employees have relevant safety knowledge and skills, can they correctly deal with the feedback information of various machines, meters and equipment, and do a good job in the safety production of the enterprise

points, Zhang, the Deputy operator of the copper washing post in the synthesis workshop of the fertilizer plant of Jilin Tonghua Chemical Corporation, found that the refined gas instrument on the instrument panel of this post failed, and timely told the main operator Jin. Jin saw that Zhang, who was in charge of the copper washing instrument, was in the synthesis post, so he went to the synthesis post to tell Zhang that the refined gas instrument had no gas source. Zhang immediately went to the copper washing post, and the instrument cabinet exploded while opening the door of the instrument cabinet. Zhang was bombed, and many famous Japanese chemical enterprises gathered here. The collapsed instrument cabinet was pressed below. The instrument cabinet was lifted up and rescued by operators Jin and Zhang, and was sent to the staff hospital of the head office in time. He died on the same day due to severe craniocerebral trauma combined with respiratory and circulatory failure. Before the accident, the whole plant was in the synthesis position, and the catalytic import was decreasing; During the heating up stage of agent 2, the production of copper washing post is in normal state. The failure of the refining gas indicating instrument is caused by the interruption of the air source of the air source pipe. The refined gas escapes in the instrument cabinet and mixes with the air to reach the explosion limit. Sparks are generated when the door of the instrument cabinet is opened, causing the instrument to

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