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Certification marks on product packaging (Part 1)

almost all famous brand products are printed with different certification marks. It can be seen that certification has entered our life and has had a certain impact. Certification is a process in which a third-party authorized independent authority inspects and supervises the manufacturer's products or production system according to relevant national or international regulations and standards, and issues a test report on whether it passes or not. With the acceleration of the pace of economic development, a certificate is issued. If you get the certification, it means that the product quality conforms to national or international standards

as early as the mid-18th century, there was an embryonic form of product certification. At that time, only some spontaneous non-governmental organizations tested products. Today, certification has developed into a powerful measure for the country to protect the interests of consumers, enterprises to explore overseas markets, and businesses to establish market reputation. Certification has been adopted worldwide, and all developed and relatively developed countries in the world have established independent certification systems

ccib safety certification mark

ccib is the English abbreviation of China Commodity Inspection. The font and outer ring of CCIB safety certification mark are printed in yellow, and the English letter S is the abbreviation of English SA Fe ty, indicating safety

the CCIB safety certification mark should be attached to the obvious parts of imported goods or their small packages such as bags, boxes, bottles, cans, etc. Some commodities can be directly printed or molded on relevant commodities or their small packages after approval

the CCIB safety certification mark currently used is uniformly printed by the national inspection and quarantine institution with high and new technology, which has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting. As long as consumers scratch the I letter in CCIB with their hands, a line of small CCIB words will appear. It is worth noting that the CCIB safety certification mark is a load/time function measured by the export to the freedom theory of all important structural members in operation. The domestic manufacturer or company applies to the Review Department of the import commodity quality licensing system of the national inspection and quarantine institution of China. After the sample inspection and the inspection conditions of the manufacturer are strictly reviewed by the inspection experts of the commercial inspection authority, it is qualified and the safety and quality license of imported commodities is obtained, Is authorized to use. It is directly attached to the products in the production process, rather than when the goods enter the customs and open the box for inspection. In addition, the CCIB safety certification mark has the characteristics of one-time pasting and attachment. If it is torn off, the whole mark will be incomplete and difficult to reuse

National Accreditation Mark of China product certification body

the National Accreditation Mark of China product certification body is a graphic mark indicating that the relevant institutions engaged in product certification have obtained the national accreditation qualification. Its use and management measures are formulated by the National Accreditation Committee of China product quality certification body. When printing the approval mark, it is limited to the matching of two colors, generally blue and white, black and white, or bronzing on a white background. It is necessary that our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been in the forefront of the testing machine industry for many years. It can also use a color other than white. With the continuous improvement of vehicle polyurethane material technology and process, abundant production capacity and gradual decline of cost as the background color

Great Wall sign

Great Wall sign, also known as CCEE safety certification mark, is a special certification mark for electrical products. China Electrotechnical Product Certification Commission (CCEE) is the only legal institution authorized by the State Bureau of technical supervision to participate in the International Electrotechnical Commission Electrotechnical product safety certification organization (IECEE) on behalf of China, and to implement safety certification (Great Wall logo certification) on electrotechnical products on behalf of the national organization

according to the standardization law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of product quality certification, the safety certification of electrical products is based on the mandatory national standards and industrial standards equivalent to the safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the certification carried out according to these standards must be subject to mandatory supervision and management. Such products without safety certification are not allowed to leave the factory, sell, import and use

prc mark

prc mark is a special certification mark for electronic components. Its color and printing must comply with the provisions of the standardization administrative department of the State Council and the relevant certification mark management measures of the China Electronic Components Quality Certification Commission

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