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On the brand development strategy of printing exhibition

the first national printing (Guangzhou) exhibition was successfully held from March 2 to 5, 2005. The author has the honor to participate in the whole process of the exhibition. Now, in combination with the "great Printing Exhibition (Guangzhou)", I will briefly talk about the brand development strategy of building a printing exhibition in the past two years

from the holding of the first printing Exhibition (Guangzhou), there are three main points: first, content innovation, a "big" word highlights the characteristics and highlights; 2、 The special booth has a large scale, which has made a breakthrough in quality and quantity compared with the national printing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition previously held; 3、 The social and economic benefits are remarkable, and the expected goal has been achieved. The success of the first exhibition can not be achieved without the attention and strong support of leaders at all levels of the Guangdong Publishing Bureau and the Guangdong publishing group, which are the organizers; Secondly, as one of the organizers, Guangdong publishing and printing materials Co., Ltd. has been supplemented and strengthened in all aspects after the reorganization. Xiao Kailin, chairman of the company, personally took charge of the high dimensional accuracy and excellent dimensional stability, and the exhibition, exhibition arrangement, publicity and organizational work were arranged in an orderly manner; Guangdong publishing and printing materials Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Printing and Reproduction Industry Association have worked together to give play to their respective advantages

from the perspective of the general environment of domestic industry exhibitions, according to the data released by the "China printing and equipment industry association", there were more than 40 printing and packaging exhibitions in China from March to July 2005, and about 10 in Guangdong region (this is not a complete data statistics). There were about 30 similar exhibitions in 2004 and less than 30 in 2003. Most of the organizers of the exhibition are "exhibition companies + printing and packaging associations", and there are not a few "material companies + associations". Most of them are strong combination and multi strong cooperation. From the current situation of domestic printing exhibitions: 1. The exhibition is becoming more and more homogeneous. If you want to develop into a brand exhibition, it is not enough to have the exhibition itself and a certain popularity; 2. What we should consider is not only the booth price, investment invitation and exhibition arrangement, publicity and promotion, but also how to promote the development of exhibition branding, how to analyze and study competitors, and how to manage exhibition brands; 3. At present, there are more and more people competing for the cake of the exhibition market. If the business is not good, it will also be eaten or merged by other exhibitions. The building of exhibition brands is similar to the development of business in corporate departments, which requires a long-term development strategy

Mr. Xiao Kailin put forward the long-term brand development strategic goal of "All India exhibition in the north and great India exhibition in the South" with great foresight in view of the situation of holding the "great India Exhibition". Through the communication with relevant people in the industry, some consensus on the brand exhibition in the printing industry, and the holding of Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, the printing brand exhibition generally has the following five characteristics: 1. It has high popularity and great influence in a certain region, and has been affirmed and recognized by the industry; 2. With a large scale, it can attract more exhibitors and professional visitors to participate and interact; 3. It is forward-looking and predictable, has a clear market and professional audience, can cover the professional information of the printing industry, and reflects the development direction of the printing industry; 4. With standardized services and perfect functions, the entry and exit of exhibits and the coordination of personnel accommodation are as convenient as possible for exhibitors and professional visitors; 5. It can arrange some supporting activities, such as high-tech seminars, information conferences, etc. The above can be seen as the concrete embodiment of the long-term development strategic goal of "All India exhibition in the north and great India exhibition in the South"

the long-term brand development strategy of "Nanyou Printing Exhibition" can be divided into three short-term goals

in the first stage, integrate resources and jointly expand the exhibition scale (2004-2006)

at the first large printing exhibition, the exhibition scale of domestic offset printing equipment and equipment, especially the number of prototypes, is still very advantageous compared with similar exhibitions in Guangdong region. Compared with the international prepress equipment and printing industry exhibition in South China (hereinafter referred to as "South China Exhibition"), which has a certain brand, the main gaps in the "big Print Exhibition" are as follows: 1. In terms of scale, there are too few exhibition stalls in silk, packaging and prepress systems; 2. In terms of grade, few international exhibitors participate; 3. In terms of audience, the organization of professional audience and groups needs to be strengthened, and the popularity of the scene is not enough; 4. The publicity and layout of the exhibition hall are not very professional. At this stage, if it competes with the "South China Exhibition", the conditions of the "big Print Exhibition" are not sufficient, but the potential is huge. Through resource integration, we can expand the scale of the exhibition, improve the level of the exhibition, and prepare for the comprehensive confrontation in the second stage. Specific preparations can be made in the following aspects:

first, how can we work together to expand the scale of the exhibition and improve the level of the exhibition

Take Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition as an example, "Organizer: China printing and equipment industry association, China International Exhibition Center Group Company, organizer: China printing and equipment industry association, group member working committee, book printing professional committee, packaging and printing professional committee, newspaper printing professional committee, silk printing branch, Beijing Huagang Exhibition Co., Ltd., Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.". It should be said that the combination of strong and strong is a trend to develop exhibition brands at present

cooperate with exhibition companies with certain strength, such as Guangzhou Yuezhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. to attract exhibitors of its silk part; Contact with China gravure Association, creep resistance and wear resistance are also 10 points good; Talk about cooperation and absorb special printing parts; Try to contact foreign prepress exhibitors to participate in the exhibition; Negotiate with publishing and printing material companies in 9+2 region to see whether it is feasible to jointly hold the exhibition in Guangzhou

by sorting out the exhibitor data collected at the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition and "South China Exhibition", it shows that Guangdong exhibitors account for nearly one-third of the exhibitors, which should be a direction for the "great Printing Exhibition" to expand the scale of exhibition

second, according to the requirements of exhibitors, provide good services and consolidate the fixed customer base

according to the feedback of exhibitors, their exhibition purposes can be roughly divided into two categories: first, they can sell equipment on site and at least have business intention. At the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, the author specially asked a leader of Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a large-scale model clothing exhibitor, what efforts should be made by the "big printing exhibition" in the future? It was also mentioned that the audience was very popular at the "South China Exhibition", and the leader said that the equipment at the "South China Exhibition" was not easy to sell. Other offset printing exhibitors also mentioned that the "South China Exhibition" is large-scale, covers a wide range of contents, and although the overall number of visitors is large, because of the "diversion" phenomenon, some visitors may go to see silk, some to see packaging, and there are still not enough professional visitors who really see offset printing. It should be said that the exhibition held by the printing materials company, by letting customers watch the prototype, to promote production and marketing work, itself is a major feature and highlight of the exhibition; 2、 Mainly to demonstrate new equipment and new technology. It is mainly large foreign companies and prepress system manufacturers, which is obvious at the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition. The exhibition truly reflects the development direction of today's printing industry and highlights advanced science and technology

in view of the above situation, "Big Print Exhibition" "We can set up a special area for the equipment and equipment distributed by the printing materials company, mainly for on-site demonstration and sales. We can set up a special area for the international prepress system and other categories, mainly to show new technology. We can set up a special area for silk, packaging, special printing, etc. for the parts not distributed by the printing materials company.

it can meet the needs of some exhibitors' column publicity and other characteristic publicity. For example, at the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition "Creo company press conference", "people's news agency printing house - Agfa CTP system launch ceremony", etc

it is very important to consolidate existing customers. There are more and more similar exhibitions in Guangdong. The advantage of "big Print Exhibition" in attracting inherent equipment manufacturers to participate needs to be maintained. This part of customer relationship is also a strong guarantee for the "big Print Exhibition" to maintain its own brand in the future

third, do a good job in exhibition services and improve the popularity of visitors

the quality of professional audience organization directly affects the enthusiasm of exhibitors and the success of the whole exhibition. In terms of publicity, while facing exhibitors, the publicity facing the audience should also be focused

organizing professional visitors to participate in the exhibition can be included as a key point of exhibition preparation

fourth, improve the professionalism and practicality of the symposium

exhibition, as the name suggests, there should be exhibitions in addition to exhibitions. Holding high-tech seminars should be a development direction of the exhibition economy in the future. The special seminars held during the 6th Beijing international printing technology exhibition include: International Printing Development Forum, chinaprint 2005 international label printing technology forum, CTP plate latest achievement information conference, dialogue with CEO on the current situation and future development trend of Chinese and foreign digital printing, international Flexo Printing Technology Development Summit Forum and international technology exchange meeting International gravure printing new technology development seminar, 2005 China Pharmaceutical Packaging Summit Forum. There are special seminars held by printing materials companies, which can first focus on solving the problems that need to be solved in actual production for customers, guiding them to purchase products and providing technical support. If the symposium is well done, it is not impossible to gradually produce economic benefits

v. strengthen personnel training in exhibition recruitment, publicity and service

exhibition companies are more professional in hosting exhibitions and do better in details, which is inseparable from their regular training of staff in exhibition recruitment, publicity, service, etc. The key to a successful exhibition lies in people, and continuous learning is essential. The exhibition economy is integrated into the market competition, others are also thinking of annexing you, others are making progress, and maintaining the status quo is regressing

VI. combining exhibition development with business expansion

while absorbing silk, packaging and special printing, the exhibition will also gradually deepen the understanding of this field. If you can find some products with market prospects and add them to the business scope of printing materials companies, on the one hand, it will add profit growth points to printing materials companies, on the other hand, through the agent sales of this kind of products, it will also be conducive to attracting exhibitions in this field

in the second stage, the government set up a platform to build an international brand in Guangdong region (2007-2009)

the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the provincial government have been committed to building a cultural province and a strong printing province. The Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau also takes it as its own responsibility to support the development of Guangdong's printing industry. However, according to the current situation in Guangdong, there is no printing exhibition that can represent Guangdong's brand. "The government sets up the stage and enterprises sing the opera" has long been a mainstream of today's economic development. If we can get the government to incorporate the development of the "big Print Exhibition" into the overall development strategic planning of the printing industry, improve the position of the exhibition in the layout of the economic construction of the printing industry, and formulate relevant policies and management methods, it will lay a solid foundation for the "big Print Exhibition" to establish its foothold in Guangzhou and build an international brand in the future. At the same time, the rise of the "great Printing Exhibition" and its gradual integration with the international community will also increase the number of

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