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On the characteristics and basis of packaging design

as a professional category of modern design, packaging should not only follow the common basic principles of modern design, such as scientificity, practicality, economy, aesthetics, creativity, etc., but also have some professional design characteristics of its own from the positioning requirements of the material and spiritual functions of packaging. In the early 1980s, China put forward the principle of "science, economy, firmness, beauty and marketability" in the packaging design of export commodities. Since then, the principle of "science, applicability, economy and beauty" has been put forward in the outline of the exhibition without manual participation in China's packaging industry. It can be said that there is no fundamental difference between the two, but the "firmness and marketability" of the former is generalized and improved to the "marketability" of the latter. In a word, the goal is to achieve the overall function of packaging. The following is a brief analysis of the characteristics and basis of packaging design

I. packaging equipment only needs to fulfill 228 personality characteristics

1. Subordination. Packaging is designed for the purpose of protecting the safe circulation of goods, facilitating consumption and promoting sales. Therefore, packaging design must first determine the functional target positioning of specific commodity packaging according to the different nature, form, circulation intention and consumption environment requirements of specific commodities, and then carry out the planning and design of packaging according to the functional purpose requirements of specific commodity packaging, which is an insurmountable key, Therefore, the packaging design has the distinctive characteristics of subordinate to the interior goods and consumption objects

2. Merchantability. Since packaging is the carrier of internal goods and an indispensable part of commodities, it will eventually enter the circulation market and consumption links with the appearance of specific commodities. Therefore, packaging design must carry out in-depth and subtle product and market research, strengthen and express the commodity characteristics of interior products as much as possible through packaging, create a true, beautiful and credible image of specific commodities, accurately and quickly convey commodity information, so as to attract customers, guide consumption, and establish commodity and enterprise image services

3. Comprehensive. The packaging design of the overall system integrates the practicality, artistry, information, economy and craftsmanship of the packaging, and requires a comprehensive solution to the problems of the material and spiritual functions of packaging, such as protecting commodities, facilitating production, processing, storage, transportation and consumption, recycling, beautifying commodities, conveying commodity information, improving the added value of commodities, and actively attracting consumption. Therefore, packaging design integrates the planning of packaging process and material selection, the shape, structure, visual communication of packaging, the design of packaging accessories, and the application of new achievements of modern science and technology. It has typical characteristics of comprehensive application and creation

in order to inspect the axial deformation within the gauge distance range and determine the elongation after fracture after specimen failure. 4. Timeliness. As the carrier and organic component of modern commodities, packaging is inseparable from the environmental conditions of commodity production and circulation, and the lifestyle, consumption concept and aesthetic requirements of contemporary people. Therefore, designers are required to have a keen sense of the times, be good at capturing the market and cutting-edge information, analyze and grasp the development trend of packaging and market, conform to the trend of the times, update ideas, timely apply new materials, new technologies and new methods, update, transform and develop new packaging that meets the consumption requirements of contemporary people and guides the market trend

5. International. The development trend of modern commodities and markets is free and open, which is not restricted by regions or national boundaries. As an integral part of commodities and a tool of market competition, packaging enters the domestic and international markets at the same time with all kinds of commodities. Commodities from various regions and countries compete in the market at the same time, and the fittest is eliminated. Therefore, packaging design and production must be in line with the international market, comply with international standards and environmental protection requirements, look at different regions and international markets, and establish the concept of adapting to the international environment design

6. Advertising. Now commodity competition is based on the internal quality of products and service quality. To a large extent, it also relies on the competition of packaging image and publicity and marketing power. Packaging is an important part of shaping the quality of goods and corporate image. It is the most economical and effective advertising media and competitive tool in enterprise marketing, which has attracted more and more attention of enterprises. Therefore, modern packaging design strives to plan, research and design with the help of the wisdom of the group, and give full play to the joint efforts of the main designers and high intelligent groups, so as to adapt to the requirements of the era of high-level design competition and make full use of the advertising power of packaging

Second, design according to the purpose of commodity and packaging function

the basic principles and characteristics of packaging design are also the basic laws that packaging design should follow together. However, the essence of design is to seek its individuality in commonness. Positioning the material and spiritual functions of specific commodity packaging is not only the starting point of packaging design, but also the destination and goal of packaging design

different commodities of different nature, different circulation links, different storage and transportation conditions, different sales and consumption modes, etc. will have different specific functional requirements for the functional target design of packaging, which cannot be uniform. This is an absolute principle. That is, the same commodity, due to the above different reasons, will inevitably have obvious differences in the specific functions and purposes of packaging, which will directly affect the different requirements for packaging design. For example, taking the change of the sales mode of the same kind of supporting daily-use ceramic tableware produced by the same enterprise as an example, to enter the supermarket for sales, it is necessary to require the supporting packaging not only to have the function of independent box stacking, storage and transportation, but also to directly enter the shopping mall shelves for display and display, display and convey the characteristics of commodity information in an artistic way, attract customers, actively promote commodities by relying on packaging, and play the role of a silent salesperson. So that the functional design of the transportation packaging and sales packaging of tableware can be combined into one; If this kind of tableware is sold in an ordinary store that relies on salesperson sales, the full set of tableware samples can be displayed directly in the sample cabinet at the point of sale, which clearly depends on the product itself to attract customers and convey commodity information. The function of its packaging is mainly to protect the commodities for convenient storage and transportation, and the packaging does not need to be displayed on the shelf, so the cost of outer packaging materials and color printing can be significantly reduced, The design focuses on the pursuit of safe, convenient and economical effects; Another example is that this kind of tableware is directly sold and ordered by the manufacturer to large and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, restaurants, etc., and the manufacturer delivers it directly to the home. As long as the packaging design protects the safe delivery of goods and accurately distinguishes the variety and quantity of contents, it can greatly reduce the packaging design and reduce the packaging cost. Then take the gift packaging design as an example, that is, the same gift, due to the different ways of gift or sales, has great differences in the packaging design concept. For example, as a sales gift package, in addition to the design requirements to express the humanistic intention of the gift (such as traditional holiday gifts, birthday gifts, weddings, etc.), it also needs to reflect the characteristics of the commodity itself, In order to meet the gift giving intention of people to buy gifts, especially the psychological needs of orientation and material selection in the external wall insulation system, and express their feelings. Assuming that this kind of gift is given by enterprises and institutions to guests free of charge during major celebrations or business contacts, the focus of packaging visual design is to reflect the image information of the unit and expand the publicity influence of the enterprise. As for what is inside, it is not the focus of publicity performance, and even gives people a mysterious feeling; As for all kinds of gift boxes, gift bags and decorative materials tied and knotted packaging equipped at the point of sale, they generally have more flexible versatility. As far as transportation packaging is concerned, long-distance and short-distance shipping, export goods and domestic goods have different purposes and requirements in packaging design, which restricts the different ideas of packaging design. Therefore, designing according to the material and aesthetic spiritual function requirements of commodity packaging is the insurmountable key of any packaging design, and it is the soul and main line of packaging design. The selection of packaging technology and materials, packaging shape and structure, decoration design, etc. should focus on serving the overall functional purpose of commodities and packaging

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