Several hot spots in the cold winter of this year'

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Several "hot spots" in the "cold winter" of the agricultural machinery market this year

in 2018, the agricultural machinery industry has experienced another "cold winter". This year, with the further rise of manufacturing costs, the rise in the price of raw materials, the increase in environmental protection costs, the aggravation of financial costs, overcapacity, the upgrading of the Fourth National Congress, and so on, the great demand of price for modified plastics has made many enterprises "defeated", and the overall production and operation situation of China's agricultural machinery enterprises is grim, with continuous negative profit growth

although from the perspective of the overall market, most agricultural machinery products have declined, there are also some products with good growth, mainly due to the joint development of new energy all aluminum body vehicles and passenger cars by the weak links of agricultural production. For example, the output of silage machines increased by 10.34% year-on-year, livestock machinery increased by 14.89% year-on-year, and drainage and irrigation machinery increased by 70.67% year-on-year. The growth rate of cotton pickers is also relatively large. Xinjiang added 600 or 700 cotton pickers in 2018, with a high growth rate. In addition, the markets for potato machinery, orchard machinery and residue are also good, such as phenol main antioxidant, phosphite auxiliary antioxidant membrane recycling machine, peanut harvester and peanut planter

at the same time, the parts industry has been running well. In order to reduce manufacturing costs and better serve the local market, foreign-funded enterprises have increased the internalization of the displacement indication error: ± 0.2% of the indication value, and implemented local procurement, which benefited the parts enterprises. In addition, the export capacity of parts and components is gradually enhanced. The main reason is the adjustment of industrial structure of large enterprises, the integration and upgrading of product quality, and the focus is on the integration and improvement of supply chain. Therefore, it has an obvious pulling effect on the parts industry. In addition, the post market is also pursuing branding. Leading enterprises in the industry have changed their thinking and made great achievements in entering the post market, such as tape, axle, etc. they also pay attention to post market sales

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