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Several directions that paper mills should think about in the cold winter of the paperboard industry

in the past 11 months, the paperboard industry did not get an ideal market because of the difference between the recorded or displayed measured value of the deformation value of the indication error sample and the actual value of the measured value. It is said that the peak season has been postponed until now, but this is not the case

the engineering plastics of base paper mills and paperboard mills also have one feature: easy production, waste paper merchants have calmly spent these days, there are no calls for price increases, and there are some announcements of waste paper continuing to fall in price and paper mills shutting down. None of the protagonists in the traditional peak season of foreign trade orders, double 11 E-Commerce orders and domestic consumer goods orders has come

is winter really coming in the cardboard factory

less than 50% of the start-up is still putting into operation today. The new production line is not blindly optimistic, but the fruit planted last year must be eaten now if it is not eaten. The money is spent, the machine is set, and the plant is ready. Is the new line going to sleep? Can't or can't, harden your scalp and try production

under the conditions of insufficient demand, overcapacity and slack peak season, winter came ahead of schedule, especially in the cardboard factory. Two things are usually needed for winter, namely, "cotton padded jacket" and "grain". In secondary factories, cardboard orders are "cotton padded jacket" and carton orders are "grain", "cotton padded jacket" is used to keep warm and "grain" is used to protect life. At present, the only pure Paperboard Factory (hereinafter referred to as the Paperboard Factory) that relies on the third-class factory. Because the paperboard demand is greatly reduced due to the reduction of the demand side of cartons, this year's "cotton padded jacket" is particularly thin, and there is no "food" to satisfy hunger and warmth. How to spend the winter has become a problem that the paperboard factory has been thinking about recently

let's simulate several thinking directions of a cardboard factory

first class: wait for the opportunity to raise prices sharply

although the cardboard factory has failed to raise prices many times in the past six months, it has not lost the expectation of waiting for the price rise, especially in the peak season starting in September. What is really waiting for is a suitable and accurate "excuse" for the price rise, that is, a sudden "policy" "Event" or even a thoughtful "look" between peers, as long as this opportunity occurs, we must firmly seize the implementation of "retaliatory" price increases, take back all the lost in front, and it is time to eat meat after eating bones for half a year

second look: look at the market adjustment strategy

that is, in a tepid market, there is no need for major adjustment and thinking, just look at the slow evolution and trend of the market, fall to maintain the profit and loss point of production, rise to make money by rising prices. In the current overall downturn, I firmly believe that others (peers) are also difficult and even more sleepy than myself, and the acceptance of waste foamed plastics is gradually difficult. As long as I maintain the basic production and capital chain stability, there must be peers with poor physique who fall first, and then their own world. I think my "Inaction" is the largest and most effective "promising"

Three Chaos: random order guarantee production

in the case of insufficient orders leading to the commencement of work without special heterosexual fasteners, you can contact Shandong Sida high tech to assist in the non-standard design of customized tension machine clamps, and lose rational thinking. Raise funds in various ways, frantically grab orders with unprofitable unit prices and a grace period of 90 days, maintain a busy scene on the surface, and secretly calculate whether the income of waste paper is enough to support the interest of funds. All this is not that the cardboard factory is really crazy, but that it firmly believes that the peak season will come. If it doesn't come today, it will come tomorrow. If it doesn't come tomorrow, it will come the day after tomorrow, and it will come again and again. As everyone knows, this irrational behavior may fall asleep before spring, and the real market tomorrow has nothing to do with you

four expansion: expand production to squeeze peers

believes that the current crisis of the industry in the peak season is both a crisis and a turnaround. Strive for stability at peak times and expand at trough times. We firmly believe that when the industry reaches a trough, it must be the arrival of the next peak. Therefore, continue to expand production capacity to squeeze out colleagues who have been in crisis. When the next peak season comes, it is another good time for us to develop greatly. Here's a reminder that this experience used to be useful. Today, when information changes, patterns change and situations change very fast, there will be great variables, because the opponent at the next peak may not be the traditional opponent, but the alien troublemaker you think, the competition of new species in the industry, forming an asymmetric competition pattern

five thoughts: want to change the future

there are also some elites in the industry, especially the young fresh troops and entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds in the cardboard factory, who are not complacent in the peak season, but have been thinking about the direction and future trend of the future industry development, thinking deeply about the relationship between the interests of the paper board factory and the tertiary factory, and thinking deeply about how to cooperate closely with the tertiary factory to give play to their respective advantages and seek a stable and healthy market pattern. What's more, they are also thinking deeply and exploring how to make use of the advantages of interconnection and the organic combination of physical manufacturing, and how to make use of the advantages of logistics, recycling and new packaging boxes to form a new packaging ecological chain

winter is coming. Whether to wait for spring to come naturally or to store food and grass to welcome spring, everyone plays his own way

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