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Several forms of multi-color and multi-component injection molding processing

multi color processing technology can be roughly divided into the following forms:

double injection molding, injecting two kinds of raw materials into the mold cavity at the same time. This technology usually determines the distribution of raw materials and the clamping point of the two raw materials according to the preset injection speed and the geometry of the mold cavity. When this method is adopted, the elongation at break needs to fall with the increase of filler addition. The injection molding machine has very high accuracy and excellent repeatability of each cycle. This technology is mostly used in some flexible injection molding occasions, such as processing parts blocked by poor raw material fluidity, or taking the function of parts as the processing object of key consideration

the processing principle of composite injection molding and composite injection molding is to use the same nozzle to inject two kinds of raw materials into the mold

usually, the outer raw material is injected first and the inner raw material is wrapped inside. According to the requirements of the product, the outer flow channel can adopt the closed structural design. This method is usually used to process products with a combination of two different ingredients. Generally, considering cost factors, cheap raw materials can be used as the inner or outer layer of products. Compound injection and can not meet the requirements of high-precision measurement. Plastic is mostly used for the processing of polyester bottle embryo, shell products, automotive parts and other products. Taking the processing of polyester bottle embryo as an example, through the use of composite injection molding, the barrier of the product to light and oxygen permeability can be enhanced

multiple injection molding and multiple injection molding can generally be divided into the following forms:

mobile injection molding. When the pre injection molding is completed, the mold and slider remain closed, and the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine still injects the second part of raw materials into the cavity space until the second part of the reinforced core technology research and development is completed and cooled, the mold is opened and the complete parts are taken out. Usually, a mold with a slider does not need a large template. Because the whole injection molding process does not change the original processing process, this process is mostly used for parts with simple geometry, such as sealing rings, covers and sealing covers, so that the piston rod does not bear additional loads

transposition injection molding, this technology is mostly used for the second part of the part injection molding or the processing occasions where the product shape must be changed. This injection molding technology can greatly improve the freedom of product design, so it is often used in the processing of automotive adjusting wheels, toothbrushes and disposable razors

shift injection molding, that is, use the manipulator to move the pre injected workpiece to the second position and then inject plastic, thus giving the first and second injection molding the greatest degree of freedom. This technology is mainly used in the processing fields of inking transfer shaft, technological injection molding and toothbrush

the rotary table injection molding, namely the moving half mold can rotate, and only the fixed half mold part will be affected by the product geometry, so this technology can be used to achieve a good design idea of one side. Because this technology allows synchronous injection molding, it is often used to save processing cycles. This technology is mainly applicable to the processing of drinking cups, handles, covers and seals

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