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Some ideas on the management of construction machinery financial leasing creditor's rights

some ideas on the management of construction machinery financial leasing creditor's rights

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Guide: before 1999, the construction machinery industry almost rarely had credit sales, basically full payment sales. In, construction machinery ushered in a period of rapid development, and credit sales began to be used gradually. In May 2004, caterpillar, an industry giant that established a financing service company in Beijing, was the first

before 1999, there were few credit sales in the construction machinery industry, mainly full payment sales. In 2004, construction machinery ushered in a period of rapid development, and credit sales began to be used gradually. In May 2004, caterpillar, an industry giant that established a financing service company in Beijing, brought the financing leasing business of construction machinery into China for the first time. Today, nine years later, major domestic construction machinery enterprises such as XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong and Xiamen Engineering have successively established their own financial leasing companies, with rapid business development. By the end of 2012, there were 26 financial leasing companies of construction machinery manufacturers, with a contract balance of 150billion yuan. Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. rib friction coefficient tester software part

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with the development of business, many manufacturers in the industry reuse the promotion function of financial leasing, and gradually reach the peak. Radical business policies are overdrawing market demand step by step, and the lack of in-depth credit review has also led to the release of some customers who do not meet the credit standards. The overall equipment ownership of the industry has surged, the competition in the terminal market has intensified, and the profit of equipment leasing has been diluted. Affected by the real economy, the cash flow generated by leasing equipment is difficult to pay the rent of financial leasing equipment to a certain extent

after the financial leasing method was introduced into the construction machinery industry, the original simple sales management work has become very complex, but the construction machinery manufacturers and dealers still focus on sales rather than creditor's rights in the market operation. When the sales are busy, the dealers can't wait to send all staff to the front line of sales. When the pressure on payment collection at the end of the month is tight, the dealer boss personally collects the rent, with a single means and extensive process, Lack of standards, no indication drift or random jump. If the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable, it still stays at the simple and crude level. The creditor's rights management is obviously passive and cannot form a systematic system, resulting in the accumulated profits of operation over the years "floating" in the market. Once the capital chain breaks, it will cause an irreparable situation

financial leasing is an industry that depends on the ability of creditor's rights management. Creditor's rights management is the skill of financial leasing companies and the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the current market situation, how big the business of financial leasing companies can be depends on their creditor's rights management ability. Just like a person, how much you can eat and how big your appetite depends on your digestion ability. Only by improving the level of creditor's rights management and enhancing the ability of risk control, can financial leasing companies effectively improve their competitiveness

however, limited by various factors, if the financial leasing company manages the creditor's rights directly, it will fall into a car battle, repeatedly, one ebb and flow, exhausted, exhausted, and may not achieve good results. In order to do a good job in the creditor's rights management of financial leasing, financial leasing companies must make a layout in the system construction, cooperate closely with manufacturers and dealers, make concerted efforts, give full play to joint forces, build a three-dimensional creditor's rights management and control system, unify ideas, identify exceptions, implement, correct problems, and resolve risks in the context of system construction

in view of how to do a good job in the creditor's rights management of construction machinery financial leasing and how to build a three-dimensional creditor's rights management and control system, combined with the actual work, I think the following seven concepts need to be revised:

first, we should re-examine the sales work

sales is to sell equipment and realize payment collection. As a means of production, construction machinery is purchased by customers, It is an investment behavior based on the judgment of future investment return. When selling equipment, construction machinery manufacturers should do a good job in pre-sales sales risk management, conduct prudent pre-sales credit review, give risk warnings and guidance to customers, and prevent customers from blindly investing without paying attention to their own business ability and future anti risk ability, otherwise it will form a demand foam and increase the risk of default

in the process of sales, construction machinery manufacturers should never promise customers various conditions, draw various blueprints, give extremely low policies, persuade customers to seize opportunities, work fast, expand production and operation, and achieve sustainable development, which will lead to customers' fever, so as to make wrong judgments about the future situation and market demand

to re-examine the sales work is not only responsible for customers, but also for the construction machinery manufacturers themselves. Only by taking a proactive attitude towards sales, can we avoid the late crisis of house leakage and continuous rain, because the sales work of construction machinery should be an orderly closed loop, and the payment for goods must be recovered after the products are sold. Payment collection is the lifeline of the survival and development of enterprises and the core interests of enterprises. Selling is not simply selling equipment, it should be selling and realizing payment collection. Sales that cannot collect money are creating bad debts for the enterprise

second, we should learn how to correctly treat overdue

before 2003, the business leasing market of construction machinery was booming, and the return on investment of equipment leasing was very high. The cash flow of leased equipment could basically pay the repayment of credit sales. At that time, it was rare for customers to be overdue. If customers were overdue at that time, it could basically be characterized as extremely poor business ability or malicious debt

however, in today's highly developed credit sales, overdue payment has become a relatively common phenomenon in the construction machinery industry. This does not mean that the nature of customers has changed today. The main reason is that the market environment has changed. In addition to the malicious arrears of customers, there are many other reasons for the overdue, including the decline of economic growth, the intensification of market competition, the reduction of the price of machine shift fees, the dilution of operating profits, the difficulty of project settlement, and so on

however, at present, any construction machinery manufacturer in the industry will not cancel credit sales because of overdue, because although full payment sales seem to be the most risk-free, the risk is the smallest, the value is the smallest, and the promotion effect on the overall sales performance is the smallest

overdue is the product of credit sales. If there is credit sales, it will inevitably lead to overdue. However, we must not cancel credit sales because of overdue, but only through effective creditor's rights management to reduce overdue and eliminate the possibility of turning overdue into bad debts

third, we should recognize the rules of the game of credit sales

5 Total spring stiffness: 300 ± 10kgf/cm. As I said just now, credit sales must be overdue, which is the product of credit sales. In the design of the rules of the game, financial leasing companies are only providers of funds, and what they charge is the time value of funds; Manufacturers and distributors are not only the providers of products and services, but also the recommenders of customers. They need to provide joint and several guarantees for the normal performance of customers. If there is a problem with the customer's performance, dealers and manufacturers need to buy back the equipment, that is to say, they need to explain the whole process

in view of the low profit era of construction machinery sales, it is unrealistic if each equipment with overdue problems eventually needs to be repurchased by dealers and manufacturers. However, this is the game rule of credit sales. If this system design is changed, the credit sales of construction machinery will not work, because the financial leasing company cannot be allowed to bear the cost of overdue management

this leads to another question: how should the cost of creditor's rights management and overdue management be compensated

the answer is that enterprise profits should come from the market and customers. The cost of debt management and overdue management must be made up from the market. The final source and supply station of dealers' profits is the terminal market. In the early stage, dealers always have a point of view, "sales depends on the market, profits on the factory", and place all profits on the sales price difference and incentive policies of the factory. This view is not tenable. After all, in the credit sales mode, these profits given by manufacturers may not be enough to make up for the cost of creditor's rights management and overdue management, although this factor cannot be a reason for dealers to exempt from repurchase guarantee responsibilities

fourth, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of risks

in debt management, dealers should learn to have a correct understanding of risks, learn to prevent risks, control risks, and more importantly, learn to use risks. Dealers need to understand that the biggest advantage of financial leasing business is that it is protected by law, non cancellable and the high cost of default

as we have just said, the end market is the ultimate source and supply station of dealers' profits, and the cost of debt management and overdue management must be made up from the market. Therefore, for the overdue customers of financial leasing, dealers should face it squarely and make use of it to a certain extent, identify it, grasp it and make good use of it. For the customer's breach of contract, we should make necessary claims and improve our own compliance management ability. The so-called compliance management refers to that when there is a breach of contract in the performance of the contract, we should investigate the other party's breach of contract according to the contract terms and dispute handling system

in addition, financial leasing companies should carry out necessary system design for this, and provide good guidance, coordination and cooperation to dealers. Because as a specialized manufacturer, financial leasing companies, specialization does not mean the specialization of the industry, nor the specialization of the subject matter of the lease. The key to specialization lies in the specialization of the mode. The 6364 tons of SEBS products exported by the mode specialization in the whole year lies in the design ability of risk management and profit model

v. we should readjust customer relationship management.

a good credit record is the core resource for everyone to achieve his career and life ideal. Therefore, the creditor's rights management must be aboveboard, forthright, confident and calm, which is also really helping customers and really responsible for customers. In the era of rule of law, contracts are free and serious. Once a contract is signed, it needs to be performed. Therefore, in the maintenance of customer relations, appropriate risk warning is necessary

in the era of credit sales, customer relationship management will be a major topic. Customers who buy a large amount of equipment and value are not necessarily big customers, nor are they customers who bring great value to the enterprise. Therefore, we should establish a correct and sober customer view. When the overdue customer says many reasons again and again, arouses a lot of appetite, and requires you to treat him as a friend and give special care to the creditor's rights management, you must stay awake. Friends belong to friends, and creditor's rights belong to creditor's rights. The debtor's repayment habits are developed by creditors, and many times it is the relaxation and concession of creditor's rights management work time and again, So that customers who originally intended to "try" gradually became habitual overdue customers. When the overdue amount of the customer reaches

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