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Several factors that should be paid attention to when printing hardcover books

can create a lot of economic benefits for enterprises

Nowadays, bookstores with communication adapters need to be designed additionally. In front of readers, most of the various book fairs are paperback books, stapled books, paperboard books, etc., and the most eye-catching is hardcover books

in order to meet the needs of market customers, there are more and more fancy materials for the cover of hardcover books, including paper materials, cloth, leather materials, leather filling materials, PVC materials, etc. the binding styles include string, wireless, round ridge, square ridge, soft leather shell, hard leather shell, hardcover books, etc., which are very enjoyable and unforgettable. With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of beauty, the book is not only limited to its content value, but also related to its printing and binding quality. Books that are being read or made into collections have been linked with aesthetics, firmness, refinement and practicality

1. Printing

① separate editions, especially when the foreign-funded factory prints the same book in multiple editions, there is no mixed edition, and pay attention to graphics, signs, etc

② there is no misprint in front and back printing, and the front and back printing is correct, with an error of ≤ 0.2mm

③ the printing hue is completely in line with the color manuscript provided by the guest. The r410 hue densitometer made in Germany is used, and the color difference of the main pictures is within the range of ± 3%

④ the front and back sides are printed, clamped and colored

⑤ clear characters and patterns, strong sense of luster and hierarchy

⑥ full point, 5% fine without loss, large point bright and clean without paste, point increase value ≤ 10%

⑦ no ink bar, water bar, ink cover, broken words, paste version, etc

⑧ no dirt, focus, ghosting, off version, flying water, scratching, flying ink, deinking, etc

⑨ no polygonal film marks, and the layout is clean without stains, powder marks, etc

2. Appearance

the leather case is square, free of stains, flower marks, wrinkles, smooth paste, no blistering, no damage, the ridge is divided in the middle, the length and thickness of the plug cloth are not skewed, and the arc of the round ridge rises. Generally, the direct economic losses caused by the general situation account for about 6% to 8% of the total national production of the United States, Japan, the European Community and other countries every year, which is greater than mm of the book thickness, and the arc of the spine is commensurate with the curvature of the mouth of the book

3. Text

the position of the three sides of the text lining paper and the floating mouth of the leather case is consistent  the book block is generally 3mm smaller than the leather case without skewing, the spine and the mouth of the book are flat, the square ridge does not appear trumpet shape, no knife flower, skew, the position of the center strip of the book block and the leather case does not fall, the pinhole does not have additional glue seepage, the string does not have broken lines, loose lines, stains, no large and small pages, disordered page order, the glue height between the posts is mm, and there is no empty glue and false glue

4. feel

hold the book with a solid sense of weight, and the book slot is obviously sunken. There is no squeaking sound on the leather case surface 180 ° before and after turning, and the book slot on the leather case surface and the lining paper appear false adhesion

in addition to the quality of the above binding related processes, the two ends of the punched hole must be centered, the hole opening must be flush, and there must be no burrs. The closing position is 1mm, and the iron wire does not exceed the book block. In this way, it gives people not only the simplicity of modern beauty, but also the refinement of modern technology. (end)

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