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Enlightenment from the perfect packaging of dried radish

Confucius said, you never get tired of eating fine, you never get tired of eating fine. It says that food is not afraid of deep processing. It says that deep processed food is liked and loved by some people

there are many connotations of deep processing, one of which is not to change its properties. Through deep and fine processing and green chemical synthesis, it is made to the extreme and achieve perfection. The experimental results show that the content achieves the purpose of increasing added value

Hangzhou Zixiang food company sold the price of turtle through deep processing of the traditional popular dried radish. It shows that deep processing has great potential, which gives us a good enlightenment. Just unscrew it. From the acquisition to the fine processing of each process, the company has made ordinary dried radish a fine product with better taste and quality

it's only flesh, but not skin. Ordinary plastic skin can't show the quality of fine products. The mellow dried radish is packed in the small porcelain jar of Yixing specialty, and the bamboo basket is hand woven, so that the inside and outside of the product are consistent and reflect each other. It is known from the data mechanics that it is perfect. Hangzhou Zixiang food company has achieved such a depth in food deep processing, which can be said to truly grasp the essence of deep processing and make people applaud

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