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To celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland! Shantui launched its 70th anniversary product

to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland! Shantui launched its 70th anniversary product

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thank the great motherland and celebrate its 70th birthday

70 years, we have gone through earth shaking changes. In the great changes, we have built a beautiful motherland and a beautiful home together

over the past 70 years, following the steps of the Republic and accompanying waves of passionate builders, Shantui has actively devoted himself to the infrastructure construction of the motherland and grew up with the motherland

from the west east gas transmission project to the South-to-North Water Diversion Project and other major projects,

from the digital technology, network technology and intelligent technology of the people's future, to sum up, it is a detailed introduction of the factors that need to be considered in the protection, maintenance and selection of the material change experimental machine. It penetrates and integrates into the whole process of product research and development, design and manufacturing, to national defense, from urban infrastructure to ecological environment construction,

there are mountain push equipment everywhere, Contribute to the construction of the motherland

with its accumulated "hard" strength, Shantui has established its position as one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers and one of the top 500 Chinese manufacturers by 2012. The full range of products are deeply recognized and favored by customers

the whole country celebrates the prosperous birthday

on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, shantwitter launched the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China National Day commemorative edition product, and the product is pasted with a unique commemorative edition label - the 70th anniversary of the National Day commemorative edition, in order to thank and give back to customers

commemorative products cover bulldozers, loaders, pavers, milling machines and other road machinery products. They are limited in supply, first come, first served

1. Bulldozer

dh17 full hydraulic series is limited to 70 units. For every 10 units sold, one L36 loader will be selected from the factory headquarters and enjoy the journey of Shantui industry

2. Paver and milling machine

buy a srp95m and send a 22T mechanical single steel wheel

buy one srp90s and send one 26t rubber wheel

buy a 2-meter milling machine and send a 0.5-meter milling machine

(the price and configuration can be specifically consulted)

3. Loader

· buy a 5T or above loader and send it to the air conditioner, and enjoy the extended warranty for 6 to 18 months/4000 hours at the same time

· free working hours for life (areas below 4000 meters above sea level in China)

· free 10000 yuan maintenance parts

· one set of National Day tooling

· product experience officer certificate signed and awarded by the general manager

· a full set of rare construction machinery models

4, accessories

National Day gift version 950mm welded wetland bulldozer track shoes (limited to 7000 pieces) are launched online and offline, National unified sales price of end customers: 260 yuan/piece


bulldozer products:

track machine products:/

loader products: accessories products:

activity time: October 1 - October 31! Please look forward to it

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