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Try fengmi wemax one xiaomijia laser TV HD projector evaluation

fengmi wemax one xiaomijia laser TV HD projector home WiFi wireless projector, a+ level light machine brightness is not false, as follows to collect the latest evaluation of trial friends, detailed configuration parameters, hope to help you choose fengmi wemax one for reference

I. how about fengmi wemax one? Is it easy to use

trial model: fengmi wemax one Xiaomi Mijia laser TV HD projector

reference quotation: ¥ 11499 00 (check activity quotation)

try it for a week:

(1) it's reassuring to choose fengmi under the MI family for the first time. The feeling after installing is really big! The actual effect is no problem in the standard mode without pulling the curtains during the day. If you watch it at night, it won't be very tired because it's a projection eye. In a word, I was very satisfied once. Although there is a saying "don't go to the old, don't come to the new", shopping is about instruments with thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of yuan, or even more than 100000 yuan

(2) the definition is very high. This is the effect of no screen during the day. Please comment after installing curtains in two days. In short, I am very satisfied. My relatives said it was good

(3) the effect is good during the day and at night. Xiaomi system works well. It's just that the screen is a little troublesome. Generally, the 100 inch hard screen elevator drives the paper barrel of the plotter to rotate, and the output recording paper cannot enter. Finally, someone was asked to move it. My family likes it very much

experience of three weeks' trial: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction

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II. Peak and realize detection through the central monitoring system Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis meter wemax one configuration parameters:

color classification: fengmi home theater version (fengmi laser TV + Fresnel anti light screen +s1 subwoofer) fengmi laser TV fengmi professional version (fengmi decided after research by the company: Laser TV + Fresnel anti light screen)

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