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Triangle group launched new all steel tire 7.50r15tr and tr693

recently, triangle group successfully developed 7.50r15tr and tr693 tire products, and the new products have covered the two brand series of "triangle" and "weierstone"

And make the measurement resolution increase by 4 times

7.50r15tr, tr69 or choose the dual space electronic universal testing machine as the best. 3. The product adopts the special raw materials for radial tires, and the skeleton material adopts the steel cord with excellent performance. The structural design takes the elliptical equilibrium contour theory as the mathematical model. Starting from the virtual work principle of classical mechanics, sunultrai workstation is used to conduct three-dimensional finite element mechanical analysis of tires, and compare the static state Stabilize the stress conditions at different speeds and loads under high-speed driving conditions, acceleration, turning and other changing conditions, and apply the current internationally advanced tension optimal control theory (tcot) as a guide to determine the parameters of various parts of the model under the preload sinking condition, so that it is between the inflation state and the load state, so as to obtain the minimum tire deformation under the dynamic condition of the tire, So as to achieve the purpose of optimization design, and complete the calculation, design, drawing and other work of each part of the tire with CAD computer-aided design. At the same time, the radial tire design program wh program independently developed by triangle tire is used to analyze the tire structure and the stress of materials at each part, which fully meets the design needs. The formula design adopts the orthogonal central composite design method, which focuses on solving the key problem of dynamic bonding between rubber and steel wire. The overall design conforms to the stress-strain principle of the tire

7.50r15tr and tr693 products adopt unique five longitudinal patterns, which can effectively prevent eccentric wear. At the same time, the oblique groove design can effectively prevent the entrainment of stones; The bottom of the tread groove adopts the anti gravel design, which effectively protects the carcass and improves the service life of the tire; The closed shoulder design ensures that the tire has balanced wear resistance throughout the use process; The tread depth of 1/2 inch, coupled with wear-resistant rubber, can ensure that the tire has super wear resistance, and effectively reduce the tire rolling resistance and fuel consumption; The design of heat dissipation steel sheet at the shoulder of the tire helps to reduce the adjustment of the convenient detection position during the driving of the tire; The servo motor drives the precision lead screw to drive the loading actuator to move along the Z axis to realize the application of experimental force, generate heat and improve the service life of the tire; Through mechanical analysis, the bead curve is adjusted to achieve the best fit with the rim curve to meet the durability of the tire under overload; 7.50r15trtr693 products can effectively meet the needs of flat-panel vehicles for low-speed and high load tires

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