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The first tri fusion project based on wireless city stations will be launched soon

Guangzhou will soon open the first tri fusion project based on wireless city stations in China. South China learned exclusively from Guangzhou Mobile that the "smart Guangzhou" portal will be loaded on the TV platform from next month, so as to realize the common access of "computer screen, screen and TV screen"

"smart Guangzhou" is an innovative cooperation project jointly developed by Guangzhou municipal government and Guangzhou Mobile. Using breakthrough core technology, the company integrates government information, many wireless businesses of mobile operators and information related to people's livelihood, and provides clear and smooth mobile multimedia services for GRPS, edge and 3G users. It is the first wireless city portal jointly built by operators and the government in China

1. the demand of universities and colleges for revising experimental machines: at present, the "smart Guangzhou" portal has successfully achieved access through two channels: the web and the customer PVC terminal with a sufficient annual capacity of 7million tons (the redundancy rate is 36%). This year, Guangzhou Mobile will load the content of "smart Guangzhou" on the Pearl River digital interactive TV platform of Guangzhou TV station to realize the common access of "computer screen, screen and TV screen". Enable customers to access the wireless city portal anytime, anywhere and on demand. This is the first case in China

according to lijianhong, director of Guangzhou Mobile Wireless City Construction Promotion Office, it is expected that the "three in one" will be achieved before the "May 17" Telecommunications Day this year. At that time, citizens can access the "smart Guangzhou" station through TV, broadcast TV programs on demand through the Internet, and watch live TV through more than 200 terminals. The Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou this year will be broadcast live simultaneously

"wireless city package" reduces tariffs

Guangzhou Mobile also plans to reduce the entry threshold of users through packages. At that time, the wireless city package electronic tensile material testing machine will be launched. At present, it is widely used to achieve the minimum tariff, and this package may also receive relevant subsidies. In addition, Guangzhou urban departments, together with Guangzhou Mobile, plan to launch free WLAN network access covering the urban area during the Asian Games. At present, there are more than 2000 WLAN hotspots in the city, and more than 1000 are under construction. The network construction is supported by all administrative regions. At present, WLAN has been deployed in Luogang District to realize wireless Luogang; The Beijing Road Commercial Street in Yuexiu District has also realized wireless access; Liwan District has built a "wireless up and down nine pedestrian street"

at present, Guangzhou Mobile has invested nearly 18million yuan to build the wireless city portal, and then the stress will further increase until the sample tears the platform (). By collecting information from local government affairs, enterprises, clothing, food, housing, transportation, music, finance, education and medicine, and connecting to Internet stations, TVs, G3 reading terminals and other terminals, the "smart Guangzhou" will become a veritable wireless city portal. Guangzhou Mobile predicts that "smart Guangzhou" will have million users this year and one million users in the future. Since the "smart Guangzhou" portal was launched on December 26th, 2009, it has reached 20000 customer homepage visits per day. South

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