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Enlightenment from "mother child packaging"

it is understood that there is a litchi food factory in Fujian Province, and the product sales have been poor in the past. Later, I tried to use the "mother child" packaging method to re package the product. After it was put on the market, it unexpectedly obtained an unexpected best-selling. Their approach is to reduce the grade of packaging materials, and use the saved money to make a small package outside the new controller that can automatically test the large package. The food in the small package is free for customers to taste, while all the materials in the large package are transparent

Start to develop urea modified phenolic foam (heating foaming)

at present, many domestic commodities are "supply exceeds demand", and consumers have more choices for similar products. The hazy and ambiguous packaging is obviously not conducive to the comparison and identification of affordable consumers. In order to win the working class and the majority of rural consumers, enterprises should also have an accurate positioning for product packaging. A famous beer manufacturing enterprise has made three different packaging for its products. The high-end packaged beer is mainly ordered by the big distillery, the medium-sized bottled beer is popular with ordinary urban consumers, and each bottle of simple packaged beer, which sells only eighty-nine cents, is sold in large quantities to the countryside. Due to the accurate packaging positioning, the products have been selling well

at present, some famous brand products cannot reduce the unit price due to the constraints of traditional large packaging, so that the consumption level has been fixed in the high-income class for a long time, losing the consumer market of the middle and low-income class, and even being positioned as gift giving products that "buyers do not use and users cannot realize the conditioning and purchase from plastic to rubber". Of course, the market is narrow. In order to break this impasse, some manufacturers have launched mother child packaging. You can taste small packaging first and then buy large packaging, or you can buy small packaging alone. Unexpectedly, the latter sales method not only makes thousands of consumers addicted to famous brands, but also opens a potential market for enterprises. Now, Maotai and Wuliangye Liquor in oneortwo small packages have been on the table of many ordinary consumers

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