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Enlightenment of smart city construction abroad

smart city construction can effectively promote the sustainable development of cities and create better urban space for mankind, which is very important to enhance the competitiveness of cities. Therefore, many foreign countries and regions have included the construction of smart cities in the medium and long-term development, "said Lu Shihao, vice president of plastic business department of aoshengde functional materials Co., Ltd., and adopted a series of relevant policies and measures


the International Telecommunication Union predicts in the relevant report that in the next 10 years, smart cities will become an example of urban development, and Seoul, South Korea, is the most representative city. Seoul has topped the list for five consecutive years in the evaluation report on E-government in major cities in the world released by the E-government Institute of Rutgers University in the United States. Seoul's smart city plan has achieved a series of results: in the management of urban facilities, using wireless sensor networks, managers can grasp the operation status of roads, parking lots, underground pipes and other facilities anytime and anywhere; In terms of urban security, the use of infrared cameras and wireless sensor networks has improved the automation level of disaster monitoring; In terms of urban environment, the smart environment system can automatically send weather and traffic information to citizens' mobile terminals; In terms of urban transportation, intelligent transportation system can realize the management of public transportation information and public parking information, and intelligently support the travel of disabled people and control traffic signals


Singapore has made remarkable achievements in smart city construction. Singapore has established an e-government system with citizens as the center and cooperation between citizens, enterprises and the government, so that citizens and enterprises can participate in the affairs of various government agencies anytime and anywhere. In the field of transportation, Singapore has launched several intelligent transportation systems. In the medical field, a comprehensive medical information platform has been developed. In the field of education, the use of information and communication technology has greatly increased students' attention to learning

New York

in October 2009, the New York City Government announced the launch of the connect city action to increase the links between people and the government, between enterprises and the government, between enterprises and people, and between people. The main contents of this action include: 1 Implement mobile communication and 311 network services; 2. Start electronic health records and services; 3. Reorganize the city's data centers and implement the New York City action plan for IT infrastructure services; 4. Transform and upgrade the e-mail system of government departments to improve the efficiency of government work; 5. Establish commercial express stations in New York City to improve the service efficiency of the government to enterprises; 6. Introduce broadband services to every community and school, and popularize broadband services to low-income groups; 7. Establish intelligent transportation system and intelligent parking system


2010 at present, some pull machines on the market adopt ordinary 3-camera electricity or frequency conversion Electromechanical, which was rated as the green capital of Europe by the European Commission in 2012. In the PWC smart city report 2012, Stockholm ranked fifth. In the sub item ranking, smart capital and innovation, safety, health and security ranked first, and the livability and sustainability of the population were also among the top. One of their smart city ideas is to make the original technology or facilities operate in new forms or ideas. We are committed to establishing an electronic waste treatment system, so that urban waste can be automatically classified and recycled as needed, so as to realize the sustainable development of urban environment and energy, such as glass wool materials

although foreign smart city construction has different characteristics and styles, summarizing its experience can give us the following enlightenment:

1 Smart city construction has a strong dependence on policies, so it is very important for the government to take the lead and formulate and promote a series of strong policies, plans and top-level designs in the construction of smart cities around the world. For example, Seoul launched the construction of a smart city in 2006. The core is to enable citizens to use or handle various social services anytime and anywhere through the construction of an Internet covering the whole city, and put forward the slogan of using big data to solve citizens' small troubles. As a city-state, Singapore launched the smart country 2015 plan with important strategic significance in 2006. For this reason, this is really a miracle material - it is 200 times stronger than steel; Better conductivity than copper; And it is said that the Singapore government has formulated four strategies: first, to establish an ultra-high speed, wide coverage, intelligent, safe and reliable information and communication infrastructure; Second, comprehensively improve the global competitiveness of local information and communication enterprises; Third, establish information and communication human resources with global competitiveness; Fourth, strengthen the cutting-edge and innovative application of information and communication technology

2. Attract and encourage non-governmental forces to participate, strengthen interaction with the public, obtain broad support, and introduce a competition mechanism to promote the development of the information industry and improve construction efficiency. In the construction of the above four smart cities, the government, without exception, cooperates with relevant enterprises, provides policy support to relevant enterprises, and introduces a competition mechanism

3. Pay attention to intelligent services, strengthen intelligence to ensure people's livelihood, and avoid simple technology applications and simple intelligent management and control. For example, the smart city construction of Seoul is not only positioned at the upgrading of information technology, but also at the overall development of the city's economy, culture, society, environment and citizens. Its key application fields include government affairs, industry, transportation, environment, welfare, culture, etc. Singapore, New York and Stockholm also put benefiting the people at the core of smart city construction

4. Cities should proceed from their own reality, adjust measures to local conditions, focus on the long-term and overall situation, and advance in a planned, step-by-step and orderly manner. These four cities have formulated medium - and long-term development plans for the construction of smart cities, and look for entry points for construction according to their own actual conditions

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