The hottest tri network integration pilot was laun

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The pilot of "three convergence" was launched in June, and the "top cow" of telecommunications, radio, film and television remained

Kang Zhiyi also said: "Network operators are the most long-term beneficiaries of the three integration. Operators are mainly the construction of platforms, which will continue to benefit in the process of network construction. The bandwidth is generally insufficient. In the future, they will increase equipment investment, and the network needs to be upgraded in the early stage. The cost is large, and the real point of benefit is later. For enterprises such as Gehua cable, Tianwei video, radio and television media, etc., it is possible to turn the large-scale recycling of PLA plastic waste into a beneficial thing The business model of figure is like their birth certificate and health card. For network operators whose digital vibration frequency is 100~300rpm, they can immediately enter the telecommunications business. " The security beam moves in all processes

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