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Triangle tire takes many measures to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

recently, Shandong Weihai triangle tire implemented a number of measures to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

first, expand diversified markets. Adjust the market layout and promote the development of emerging markets such as Russia, India and Brazil; The establishment of a representative office in Russia to actively contact and visit customers has driven the growth of sales in the Russian market and surrounding areas. In January this year, exports reached US $600million, an increase of 41.4%, and products were distributed in more than 160 countries and regions

second, accelerate the pace of independent innovation. It took the lead in carrying out research on smart tires, green tires, giant and super large engineering radial tires, new rubber mixing technology and other topics in the domestic tire industry, including two detachable clamps, and carried out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The independently researched and innovated "one-time internal mixing and multi machine rubber processing technology" has improved the production efficiency by more than 30%, reaching the world leading level

third, strengthen brand building. Actively participate in important exhibitions at home and abroad, such as Las Vegas tire show, Russia international tire show, Canton Fair, etc., and display new products of triangle brands; We have established a team of international market service engineers, increased global market visits, improved on-site service levels, and enhanced customers' trust in triangle brands; We deepened global cooperation, further consolidated long-term strategic cooperation with multinational companies such as Caterpillar due to the relatively lagging expansion of lithium battery capacity, and the triangle brand won the platinum Medal of Caterpillar's 2010 supplier quality evaluation

fourth, adhere to "green" development. It is the first time to put forward the concept of "green manufacturing, low-carbon economy" in the tire industry, develop energy-saving and environment-friendly tires with new environmental protection materials, integrate with international advanced technical standards and environmental protection standards, and the products meet the requirements of the EU new bilateral cooperation mechanism alliance reach and other regulations

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