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pay tribute to ingenuity • perfect interpretation -- XCMG's new generation of aerial work platform press conference shook open

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on the afternoon of November 22, XCMG fire safety equipment Co., Ltd. 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition new generation of aerial work platform new technology and new product press conference was held at the same time in Shanghai Windham conference hall. At the press conference, there were a large number of guests, attracting the extensive participation of strategic dealers, leaseholder representatives and authoritative media in the machinery industry from all over the country, and jointly launched a new revolution of aerial work platform "paying tribute to ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing"

with the theme of "new starting point, new journey and new dream", this new product launch is a perfect combination with XCMG's gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use". The promotion of analytical products in the machinery industry, the awarding ceremony, the sharing of customer success cases, the business operation report and the industrial development outlook of the new product Jinan assaying, wave after wave, dazzled the visual feast and spiritual enjoyment of each participant

at the press conference, a total of 9 new generation aerial work platforms and the R & D and application of 7 international leading technologies, including intelligent control technology, dual pump multi-mode steering technology, and full-time axle balancing technology, were released, further explaining the advantages of XCMG's leading technology and ingenious boutique manufacturing, which came from Nanjing, Guangzhou, and XCMG's leasing partners, They shared the brilliant achievements made by the company with the help of XCMG's high-altitude Industrial Development in 2016

Jinan gold assay digital display impact test, but it is only often used for spiral spring machine inspection with round cross-section of spring material, Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG fire protection General manager Li Qianjin awarded five strategic leasing dealers including Nanjing kongliande and said: "As a leader in the global machinery industry, XCMG's aerial work platform has gradually matured and developed with artificial intelligence technology as the breakthrough point of industrialization. The gradual implementation of the business model of the whole industrial chain of products will open a new direction for the innovative development of the industry. It will not only continue to expand XCMG's leading edge in the field of aerial work platform, but also bring XCMG customers more complete, safer and more efficient products and services." At the same time, President Li fully recognized that we should be realistic and take the needs of experimental methods as the starting point. Since the establishment of the fire company, the achievements of the continuous development and innovation of the high-altitude industry have been fully recognized, and elaborated on the industrial development blueprint during the next two years and the 13th five year plan, which will lead the new pattern of industrial development with advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and provide customers with one-stop solutions, It further ignited the guests' new dreams and expectations for the future of the whole industrial chain

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