English translation of the hottest hardware tools

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hardware tools English translation

mechanical tools spanner wrench (beautiful work: wrench) double ended spanner double end wrench

adjustable spanner, monkey wrench, adjustable wrench

box spanner tube pliers (beautiful work: socket wrench) callipers caliper gauge

pins, Tongs pliers Shears Scissors hacksaw wire cutters multi purpose pliers, universal pliers universal pliers adjustable pliers punch punch drill chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck hole gauge peg, Dowel pin washer staples staples

oil can oil pot Jack overalls grease gun

machining polishing polishing installation to assemble bushing shipping

semi mechanization; Semi mechanized

semi automatic hob grinder

semi automation; Semi automatic wrench

spare parts side planer transmission gear

handle shaft arbor units; Assembly parts slotting is to disassemble the machine

to disassemble the ultra-high-speed internal grinder

lathe when the fault occurs; Turning lathe lathe tool

wheel lath car wheel lath has opened a new era of high-level and long-term cooperation between the two countries e turning axle

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