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Lubricating oil industry English vocabulary b

lev low emissions vehicle

lofi lubricant oil flow improver

lpg liquefied to improve production efficiency petroleum gas

lrg lead replacement gasoline lead replacement gasoline

lsado low sulfur automotive diesel oil


mil military specification (USA) U.S. military specification

mrv Mini Rotary Viscometer

mtac multiple test acceptance criteria

mtf manual transmission fluid

mveg motor vehicle emissions group (of the European Commission)

engine vehicle emissions group (belonging to the European Commission)


nlgi national Lubricating Grease Institute (USGI a) American grease Association

nmma National Marine Manufacturers Association (USA)

nox nitrous oxides

npra National Petroleum Refiners Association (USA) American Association of Petroleum Refiners


OBD on board diagnostics

OCP olive co polymer olefin copolymer

ODI oil drain interval oil change period

OEM original equipment manufacturer equipment Original manufacturer

open oil protection and emission system test oil protection and emission system test association of Japan Petroleum Association

PC API category Ries for diesel engines API diesel engine oil classification

pcmo passenger car motor oil car engine oil

pcd passenger car diesel car

pcv passenger car vehicle

pfi port fuel injection nozzle fuel injection

pib polyisobutene

pm particulate matter

pm10 particulate matter with particle Le size below 10 microns less than 10 microns Particles

PPD pour point depressant

PTF power transmission fluid


SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (USA)

SHPD super high performance diesel (oil) ultra high performance diesel engine oil

SIP styrene isoprene co polymers

SMM t society of motor manufacturers traders Ltd (UK) British Association of engine manufacturers and traders

ssi shear stability index

stle society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

stuo super tracker universal oil tractor super general oil


tan total acid number

tbn total is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development base number

tisi Thai a Industrial standard the following five elements can reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic universal testing machine: s Institute Thai industrial standards society

tlev transitional Low Emissions Vehicle


UEIL European Union of Independent Lubricant Manufacturers

UHC unborn hydrocarbon

UHVI ultra high visibility index ultra high viscosity index

UK PIA United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association

ULEV Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle


VDS, VDS2 Volvo Long Drain Lubricant Specification

vhvi very high viscosity index

vii viscosity index improver viscosity index improver

vm viscosity modifier viscosity improver


zddp zinc dialkyl pet aerogel developed by the research team led by the National University of Singapore using plastic bottle waste - this is the first in the world - soft Flexible, durable, very light and easy to handle zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate

ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicle

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