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It won't be long before you can watch the grand event at your door. Move the stadium home? Make yourself an athlete? In this hot summer, in the summer full of sports temperament, let your little home " Exercise " Get up! Scheme 1: a corner of the balcony can be transformed to make use of the balcony. The balcony has sufficient sunshine, good vision, and smooth ventilation. It's good to exercise here. For example, place a yoga mat. Whether in the afternoon or at night, breathing the natural wind and doing yoga here will make you feel relaxed and happy. If the balcony of some families is large enough, they can also put swings and nail mini basketball boards for children to turn the balcony into a mini paradise close to nature. Plan 2: build a billiard room in the basement. Many families with basements like to transform this place into a table tennis room. Since the light and ventilation in the basement are not ideal, some moderate sports are carried out here, so this place will not be wasted. Friends who love playing billiards can also put a billiard case here. Some people install a simulated golf trainer in the basement, or install a small sand pot ball equipment, which is also good. Scheme 3: independently designed sunshine room becomes a gym. If your home is spacious enough to have a spare room, it can certainly be built into a gym

the sunshine room has good lighting and ventilation conditions, and it is relatively private, suitable for sports. The floor material of the sunshine room should adopt the composite floor or cork floor with good foot feeling and color. Generally, the ceiling is not made on the top surface, and a certain height space is maintained. Scheme 4: the cork floor in the area is suitable for sports. First of all, safety and low noise should be considered. Experts suggest that cork flooring is the first choice for sports lovers' families. Cork floor has good foot feel and high safety. Because the cork cell structure is like a honeycomb, there are airtight air bags in the cells, and the cells will shrink and become smaller under external pressure; When losing pressure, it will return to its original state, which makes the cork floor have good elasticity and recoverability. In addition, the resilience of cork floor can greatly reduce the pressure on the back, legs and ankles of human body caused by long-term standing. Scheme 5. Do you believe that color changes match emotions? Some home colors can make your heart and body full of passion and energy of sports. In other words, at home, appropriately changing the color of the home can also mobilize the movement mood. Most of the sports colors are bright and bright, such as orange, green, blue and other colors, which are dynamic and energetic. Some wallpapers with sports patterns also create a more intuitive athletic temperament. For example, wallpaper with ocean and sailboat patterns; There are also those uneven, layered wall tiles, which make people have a desire to climb. Plan VI: add dynamic home accessories. Take basketball, football and other shapes as examples, they are made into vases, desk lamps, chandeliers and other home accessories, as well as bathroom toilets, which are also made into basketball style. Some sofas are made like rugby and let people sit on the ball, which is very interesting. The golf shape is made into a telephone, which makes the living room full of sports. In addition, baseball hangers, stadium style coffee tables, and hanging rings hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen &hellip& hellip; Are full of unexpected sports fun. The modeling of character ornaments also imitates the actions of various sports, including gymnastics, golf and football. It can be seen everywhere on the table lamp




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