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Switches and sockets are related to future life, which must be carefully considered. Switches and sockets in different places have high and bottom. How can they be installed safely and conveniently? Let's watch Xiaobian teach you how to install a switch socket

switches and sockets are related to future life, which must be carefully considered. Switches and sockets in different places have high and bottom. How to install them safely and conveniently? Let's watch Xiaobian teach you how to install a switch socket

the installation of switch and socket in home decoration is essential. It is related to the use of current, just like the link of turning on and off water. Before installing switch and socket, you must properly understand the installation knowledge

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1. Material requirements

(1) all types of switches: the specification and model must meet the design requirements and have the product certificate

(2) all types of sockets, specifications and models must meet the design requirements and have product certificates

(3) plastic (table) plate: it should have sufficient strength. The plastic (table) plate should be flat, free of bending, warping and deformation, and have a product certificate

(4) wooden (platform) board: its thickness should meet the design requirements and the provisions of construction acceptance specifications. The board surface shall be flat, free of splitting, bending and deformation, and the paint layer shall be intact without falling off

(5) other materials: metal expansion bolts, plastic expansion pipes, galvanized wood screws, galvanized machine screws, wood bricks, etc

2. Main machines and tools:

(1) red pencil, tape measure, level ruler, plumb bob, insulating gloves, tool bag, high stool, etc

(2) hammer, chisel, wire stripper, pointed nose pliers, taps, taps, casings, electric drills, electric hammers, drill bits, nail guns, etc

3. Operating conditions:

(1) various pipelines and boxes have been laid. The closure of the box is flat

(2) the wire of the line has been threaded and the insulation shake test has been completed

(3) interior decoration works such as plastering, painting and wallpaper of the wall have been completed

at present, there are two kinds of switches mainly sold, namely, single pole switch and two-way switch. Unipolar is an ordinary switch, a switch closing point, the closing point contacts, the circuit is connected, and the separated circuit is broken. Double circuit means that there are two closing points, and the switch makes an alternative contact between the two lines. Dual switch is mainly used for dual control. For example, installing one at the door of the hall and one outside the bedroom can be used to control the main light in the hall. This also answers another question of yours. Double control does not use single pole switch, but double circuit

next is the installation skills of switch sockets

1. Switch sockets cannot be installed on the flower pieces and waist lines of ceramic tiles

2. When the bottom box of the switch socket is perforated in the ceramic tile, the frame cannot be larger than the bottom box by more than 2mm, nor can it be made into a round hole. In order to ensure the installation of switches and sockets in the future, the edge of the bottom box should be as flat as possible with the ceramic tile, so that there is no need to find another long screw for future installation

3. No more than two ceramic tiles shall be damaged at the position where the switch socket is installed, and try to install it in the middle of the ceramic tile

4. The opening at the faucet must be round, not square, nor “ U” Type, and then in “ U” One piece shall be added to the shaped hole, and the size of the opening shall not exceed 2mm of the pipe diameter, and the edge of the water outlet must also be flush with the porcelain brick

5. When the socket is installed, the surface mounted socket shall be no less than 1.8m from the ground

6. The concealed socket shall be no less than 0.3m from the ground. In order to prevent children from getting an electric shock, touching with fingers or stabbing the eyelet of the power supply with metal objects, it is necessary to choose a safety socket with a safety shield

7. The construction wiring requirements of single-phase two eye socket are: when the holes are horizontally arranged, “ Left zero right fire ”, When arranged vertically, “ Go up and down &rdquo

8. The wiring requirements of single-phase three eye socket are: the uppermost grounding eyelet must be firmly connected with the grounding wire, solidly connected, and correctly connected, and must not be disconnected. The remaining two eyelets should be “ Left zero right fire ” It is worth noting that the zero line and the protective grounding wire must not be wrongly connected or integrated

9. The refrigerator should use an independent three eye socket with protective grounding. It is strictly forbidden to connect the self-made grounding wire to the gas pipeline to avoid serious fire accidents; In order to ensure the absolute safety of the family, the socket of the range hood should also use a three eye socket, and the protection of the grounding hole must not be taken lightly

10. The bathroom is usually used for bathing and cooling, which is easy to be damp. It is not suitable to install ordinary sockets. Waterproof switches should be selected to ensure personal safety

11. When installing the switch, the concealed switch shall be 1.2-1.4 meters away from the ground and 150-200 mm from the horizontal distance of the door frame

—& mdash; Position:

generally, the switch is opened and closed with the opposite hand, and the right hand is more than the left hand. Therefore, most of the switches in the home are installed on the left side of the door, so it is convenient to open with the right hand after entering the door. Conform to behavioral logic

installation sequence of switch and socket

1. First find the specific location of switch and socket on the drawing, which looks a little like English “ F”。

2. Draw a rough frame with the prepared outer box of the socket. This tool is very helpful for the neat positioning

3. Measure the distance between the walking distance of wire and pipe in the vertical direction and the wall edge

4. Measure the position with the same width in the corner

5. According to the position of the point just measured, two vertical lines can be drawn with snap lines

6. The cutting machine cuts along the snap line

7. When the electric drill comes out of the site, open a suitable pipe groove. The depth of the groove should match the diameter of the pipe, so that the pipe can be seated according to the number, and whether it is neatly opened can reflect the level and experience of a construction team

8. Open a wire box hole and insert a joint from the box to the outside

9. Make the junction box and embed it into the opened wall

10. Calculate the distance from the wire box to the ground to ensure that the bending is smooth and the pipe is not broken

11. Connect the pipe and the wire box, and the bend is just smoothly on the ground

12. Steel wire may not be used for threading new pipes, but it is necessary to use steel wire if it is expensive sound wire or long-distance threading

13. Hook one end of the steel wire first to prevent the sharp end from scratching the inside of the pipe

14. Insert the steel wire into the pipe slowly and push it slowly to avoid scratching inside the pipe too fast

15. After the steel wire comes out from the other end, screw it together with the wire, and slowly pull the wire into the pipe. The steel wire is actually the lead in this process

16. After the wire is connected to the junction box, the pipes are connected with matching joints

17. As a concealed project, the interface link must be closed without damage

18. The wire at the other end should be protected with a crimping cap in time

19. The practice of standardizing the thread ends is to hide them all in the wire box, but the control of the length of the thread ends is a matter of detail, and no more or less is the norm

20. The threading part is completed, and it can be smoothly filled with cement after a series of acceptance such as whether the measuring circuit is unobstructed

21. The wiring process on the ceiling is basically the same, but generally, because the ceiling uses more lamp cap wires, it only needs to wear red live wires and blue zero wires




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