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The phenomenon of kickbacks for home decoration is not a day or two. Many owners don't know much about the decoration market. Most of the time, they suffer a lot. At present, the peak decoration season is coming. In order to avoid more owners being "hidden rules", it is necessary for owners to master the latest information about decoration and refer to the decoration experience of netizens. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you how to avoid the decoration trap

Some people say that the highest annual salary of a home decoration company is the designer, followed by the project manager, and finally the senior executives of the enterprise. Gentlemen love money and take it in a right way. There is nothing wrong with the high salary of designers. However, behind the high salary, there is a lot of gray income - material rebate. A few days ago, a designer who "felt that his conscience was condemned, and he really couldn't look down on the unhealthy trend of the industry" revealed to reporters all kinds of shady stories about designers taking kickbacks

the designer told the reporter that the first rebate he received was 5000 yuan from the material dealer, which was much higher than my salary at that time, only because he recommended a cabinet, two tiles and a sanitary ware to the owner. "Every rebate is flawless." For example, if the owner wants to buy a building material that is not related to his own household, the designer will tell the owner that this material is inconsistent with the decoration style, or that there are quality problems in the future that have nothing to do with him, etc. In this way, most owners will fall into the rebate trap dug in advance

an insider who has been engaged in decoration engineering for many years told reporters: "in the decoration industry, almost all kinds of decorative materials such as ceramic tiles, cabinets, floors, sanitary ware, wallpaper, paint, wooden doors, and even soft decoration have rebates, of which the rebate of ceramic tiles can even be as high as 40%." In the face of such a high rebate, when the reporter listened and expressed surprise, the person didn't think so, and said that it had reached a "tacit understanding" between designers and material suppliers

transparent home decoration, there is a way to break through the "hidden rules"

why does such a noble profession as designer have such bad behavior? The author interviewed the staff of the decoration industry association with questions. He told reporters that the fact that designers take kickbacks is actually a commercial bribery from a legal point of view, but many parts of China's legal system are not sound enough, so designers feel at ease to enjoy the economic benefits brought by this legal loophole. Secondly, many home decoration companies also acquiesce in this behavior of designers, because many home decoration companies also need material suppliers to supply building materials. There is a certain interest relationship between the two, so they can only accept the "hidden rules"

although the phenomenon of designers taking kickbacks will not disappear overnight, with the maturity of the industry market, this phenomenon will become less and less. It will not be so easy to be fooled if you master the latest, complete and trendy home decoration information




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