Canoni wardrobe sharing wardrobe design case facts

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Karoni's wardrobe shares the case of wardrobe design. The fact proves that the wardrobe is out, leaving a blank space is atmospheric! Let's feel the case of the wardrobe design of canoni home finishing. Such a wardrobe is much more beautiful

when installing the wardrobe, if the whole wall is filled with a large area of wardrobe, the bedroom will look very blocked and the overall feeling will be very depressed. In fact, at this time, only a column or a space needs to be left in the wardrobe, so that the whole bedroom will appear more relaxed and atmospheric

canoni home has sorted out some cases of wardrobe design. You can feel whether such a wardrobe is much more beautiful

I. wood color space

wood color and white are common color combinations in the wardrobe, so leaving a wood color space in the wardrobe is very natural and comfortable in the modern simple bedroom

II. Other color spaces

if it is a children's room and you want to match it with a more unique and elegant effect, you can choose orange, blue, gray and other grids to add to the wardrobe

▲ in addition to the blank space, it is also a good choice to leave a part of the wardrobe empty





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