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The countdown to Huawei's massive launch of cloud partner program 321

in the era of digital transformation, cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the most critical supporting technologies, and cloud services have become the basic business model. To this end, xuzhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, announced at the Huawei China ecological partners conference 2017 that from 2017, Huawei will make strong investment in building an open public cloud platform based on public cloud services, and will focus on key industries, work with partners to build a cloud ecology and jointly expand the industrial cake

how will Huawei work with its partners to build a prosperous cloud ecosystem? With the countdown of 3, 2 and 1, Huawei launched the cloud partner program on May 17

actively embrace three types of partners

at the 2017 Huawei China ecological partners conference, in addition to announcing the establishment of a cloud Bu specifically responsible for the public cloud and increasing the investment of 2000 people, Huawei also specifically proposed to join hands with more three types of partners who can sell Huawei's public cloud services, develop applications based on Huawei's public cloud, and migrate applications to Huawei's public cloud

to this end, Huawei has launched the resale partner program, cloud solution provider program and cloud service partner (CSSP) program for partners in the automatic descent acceleration zone of Chinese experimental machines, so as to win the future of digital transformation

<4 is the basic principle for the preparation of the guide. P> resale partners

resale partners refer to those who have the pre-sales consulting, sales and service capabilities of Huawei public cloud and resell Huawei public cloud to end users

cloud solution provider

cloud solution provider refers to a partner that integrates Huawei public cloud products and services, sells Huawei public cloud resources to customers, and provides complete solutions

cloud service partner

cloud service partner refers to a partner who recognizes the position of Ningbo new material future center, has the capabilities of Huawei public cloud cloud assessment and migration, cloud operation (operation and maintenance) and development, cloud security service support, and helps end customers or channels to cloud business

this year, Huawei hopes to develop partners who are truly in the same boat with Huawei, face the future together and achieve common development

the special investment of RMB 200million encourages

Huawei knows that it needs intensive cultivation and long-term investment to build a prosperous cloud ecosystem with the right gear. In order to better facilitate the transformation of traditional partners to three types of cloud partners, Huawei will invest 200million yuan in special incentives and issue a large number of cloud experience vouchers to promote the continuous improvement of cloud ecology and accelerate prosperity in a variety of ways

heavyweight launched version 1.0 of the cloud partner program

3 types of partner development programs plus 200million yuan of special incentives, which is exactly the cloud partner program 1.0 launched by Huawei heavyweight. Huawei hopes to establish a team of Huawei public cloud resale partners willing to develop long-term business with enterprises in China; Encourage and support partners to carry out application development based on Huawei's public cloud, so as to provide customers with solutions suitable for various scenarios and more attractive cloud services (including cloud assessment and migration implementation services)

with the release of cloud partner plan 1.0, the transaction process will be simplified, transaction efficiency will be improved, more profit making partners will be created, and Huawei's cloud ecosystem will be enriched

how can we become Huawei's cloud partner? How to approve? How to authenticate? What specific incentives and benefits will Huawei get after becoming a cloud partner? For details, please consult the relevant local Huawei channel business representatives

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