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Huawei once again took the first place in the world in terms of memory growth rate.

when the storage market was monopolized by foreign countries, a 128GB solid-state SSD sold for thousands of yuan. Now Huawei has broken the monopoly and once again won the first place in the world in terms of memory growth rate

and remove frost (FOG) to avoid ponding and icing

recently, IDC, a global authoritative research institution, released the market tracking report on China's enterprise storage market in the first quarter of 2020. The report shows that affected by the epidemic, the sales revenue of China's overall enterprise storage system fell by 7.8%, while Huawei's sales revenue maintained a contrarian growth, with a growth rate of 24.7%. The market share increased from 20.2% in the first quarter of 2019 to 24.2% in the first quarter of 2020, ranking first in China for 19 consecutive quarters and continuing to lead the Chinese storage market

the key is that Huawei leads the high-end, middle-end and low-end Storage Markets in a comprehensive way among the product types of different grades, and its market share is the first

the revenue of Dell EMC, NetApp and HPE fell sharply, by 11%, 16% and 19% respectively

what are the advantages of Huawei storage

1. Huawei has been developing rapidly in the storage field for many years. After many years of research and development, Huawei has overcome one technical problem after another and achieved the highest growth rate in the world

2. Huawei has more than 800 patents in the storage field. These tubes often have standard shapes and sizes. These patents have established Huawei's unshakable position in the storage field

3. Huawei has served more than 150 countries in the world in the storage field, exported a large number of technical products, and can be called a captain at sea

in today's world, Dell and EMC have always been regarded as the world's giants in data storage. After the merger of Dell and EMC in 2016, they have been dominating the data storage market. Since its establishment in 1992, NetApp has provided the market with first-class technology to improve storage and data management solutions. It is a well-known international storage manufacturer. HPE has developed a number of industry-leading storage technologies and has long been a world leader

however, in the face of three experts from the United States and other countries, Huawei, as a latecomer and a deep-sea beast, is ready to become the first

Huawei is now in the memory field and can output these data through RS232 port, which has achieved the first growth rate. With this growth rate, Huawei may soon become the No. 1 in the storage industry

Huawei's development in the storage field can not be separated from the support of a large number of iron fans in China. Secondly, when foreign countries are seriously impacted by the epidemic, Huawei has made great efforts to seize a large number of international storage markets. Finally, domestic technology enterprises led by Huawei have broken through foreign blockades with independent research and development

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