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Huawei modular data center helps Bank of Guilin build a green intelligent data center ctiforum on May 13 (Liwenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, today announced that it had won the bid and successfully delivered the data center project of Bank of Guilin, helping Bank of Guilin build a green intelligent data center and laying a solid it foundation for business development, innovation and reliable operation

Bank of Guilin is an advanced micro credit bank in Guangxi, an excellent community bank in Guangxi, a characteristic Bank of Guilin tourism service, and a nationally famous financial service platform for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In the second half of 2013, the total asset scale of Bank of Guilin has exceeded 100billion, and the existing computer room can no longer meet the business needs of rapid development; At the same time, according to the relevant requirements of the CBRC, Guilin bank shall build a local disaster recovery data center. The rapid development of business has put forward requirements for the construction of Guilin bank's local disaster recovery data center to go online quickly; On the other hand, as a production disaster recovery data center, it must ensure high reliability

Huawei has been involved in the data center field for more than ten years and has a deep understanding of the disaster recovery data center of commercial banks. Huawei's modular number has many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. According to the center, from the four key points of intelligence, reliability, flexibility and efficiency, it realizes the efficient operation of the data center, saves OPEX and carries more services. To meet the requirements of rapid deployment and high reliability of the data center of Bank of Guilin, Huawei provides ids2000 modular data center solution. In this scheme, key components such as refrigeration system, power supply system and management system all adopt Huawei's independent innovation products. The refrigeration adopts the cold channel closed air flow containment system, which is combined with the lower air supply room level precision air conditioner to greatly improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system. The power supply system adopts 320kva modular ups to form an efficient double bus power supply system to provide safe and reliable power supply for it equipment. Neteco integrated computer room management system is adopted to realize end-to-end performance management and real-time monitoring, improve the service refrigeration of the data center and reduce the manual inspection time

the unique advantages of Huawei's modular data center solution and Huawei's strong service capabilities have brought far more value than expected to Bank of Guilin. Huawei's data center solutions are rapidly deployed to shorten the business launch cycle, complete the key points of purchase, installation, clamping and debugging of equipment production fatigue testing machine in 8 weeks, and solve the urgent needs of computer room construction. Its efficient air flow management system and modular UPS power supply system are green, energy-saving, safe and reliable, saving 10% of electricity. Efficient operation and maintenance, supervision and control are integrated to save operation and maintenance manpower, so as to invest in business innovation. Huawei's modular data center features rapid deployment, green energy conservation, intelligent management and efficient operation and maintenance, which fully meet customers' needs for the data center

Picture Description: Huawei modular data center helps Bank of Guilin build a green and intelligent data center

the manager of the Technology Department of Bank of Guilin pointed out that the financial data center needs higher disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. With the increasing amount of data and higher reliability requirements, the demand for modular data centers will continue to increase. Huawei's modular data center has flexible capacity expansion capability. Where the green and reliable power supply voltage is too low, an overall solution of autotransformer should be set up, providing a good operating environment for it equipment

Mr. Zhangguanghe, product director of Huawei network energy product line data center, said: facing the demand of Guilin bank to build a large, sustainable and energy-efficient green data center, Huawei has adopted modular data center solutions, optimized closed channel design and air flow field management, maximized cold source utilization efficiency, and combined modern energy efficiency concepts with customers' actual conditions, Fully meet customers' requirements for high reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, the rapid deployment of Huawei's modular data center ensures that customer services can be launched quickly

the successful delivery and operation of the disaster recovery data center project of Bank of Guilin has improved the informatization core competitiveness of Bank of Guilin, effectively supported the development of its main business and provided better conditions for business innovation

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