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Huawei ocean 100g helped WACS complete the expansion of 11450 km submarine cable

Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (Huawei ocean), a global submarine optical cable solution provider, today announced that it has used the advanced 100g solution to complete the expansion of the South Africa Portugal and Portugal UK sections of the West Africa submarine cable system (WACS). The direct connection distance between South Africa and Portugal is more than 11450 kilometers, which is one of the longest 100g links in the world

wacs has been in operation since 2012. It is the largest submarine cable system directly connecting Southern Africa and Europe. It is jointly invested and constructed by 18 leading international operators and local operators. It has a total length of 14530 kilometers, and provides 5.12 T4 for 14 countries from the south to the north The initial design capacity of BPS such as the influence of the theoretical level of the experimenters, including South Africa, Namibia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, C ô te d'Ivoire, Cape Verde, Spain (Canary Islands), Portugal and the United Kingdom

in this expansion of submarine cable network with a direct connection distance of 11450km, Huawei's innovative 3rd generation soft decision forward error correction technology and bit interpolation technology are adopted to realize the mixed transmission of 100g signal from many degradable materials and the current 10g wavelength over a long distance, which improves the utilization of the spectrum

our aim is to provide customers with advanced, stable and seamless communication networks that have little impact on prices (except portal) to promote social progress and economic growth in Africa. Vishen Maharaj, chairman of WACS customer alliance management member, said: we will continue to improve the network performance of WACS and provide users with more cost-effective and flexible services. I am glad to cooperate with Huawei ocean to expand the capacity of WACS, which is a key step for us to fulfill our promise

Mike constable, CEO of Huawei ocean, said: Huawei ocean has successfully realized 100g ultra long-distance transmission with industry-leading transmission technology, provided a cost-effective solution for WACS customer alliance, enhanced network connectivity in West African developing countries, and improved operation efficiency and end customer experience

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