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Huawei not only has, but also mobile is not only a communication robot to help you teach your children, and a drone to deliver express for you

Zhejiang August 19 (Zhejiang Chen Jie, Zhang Yunshan, Gao Jiachen, correspondent Shi Chenyan) the development of science and technology is truly amazing, and we hope that excellent materials can provide a solid manufacturing and innovation foundation for industrial manufacturing. Yesterday, the second Hangzhou smart Expo entered its second day. The opening time of the Expo was half an hour ahead of schedule. The audience ignited the national Expo with enthusiasm. In the past two days, the industry leaders with the most cutting-edge technology gathered in Hangzhou. The black technology they showed made the audience full of expectations for future life

you want to know "what will life be like in the future?" Hurry to Hangzhou smart Expo

delivering express by drone and picking up express by sweeping her face are all routine.

95 later, Xiaoqi took her boyfriend across half of Hangzhou to watch the exhibition and waited in line for more than 20 minutes before squeezing into the face sweeping area of the rookie post station. As expected, this beautiful woman with white skirt and long hair was identified as "handsome" and defeated 94.1% of the choppers. Seeing this result, Xiao Qi was satisfied with the little gift she got

"the rookie smart cabinet has the functions of face brushing and full digital code picking. Face brushing is a safe and efficient way to use face recognition technology." In other words, although the real version of the intelligent express cabinet in the rookie post station can not measure the appearance, the package can be taken by "sweeping the face"

the line of intelligent self-service counters is in full swing here, and the rookie unmanned warehouse and rookie unmanned car are also crowded with onlookers. This time, the rookie post station showed us the future of the express industry -

an unmanned vehicle with automatic navigation. After driving safely all the way, it completed docking with the express tower; On the top of the tower, the UAV receiving the reservation instruction flies smoothly with the package and delivers it accurately at the user's pick-up point; Downstairs, there is a face brushing intelligent cabinet that can be insulated and refrigerated, which is convenient for users to open the cabinet in 2 seconds without carrying it; At the door of our house, the rookie box supports one click opening, the capacity can be freely expanded and retracted, and has its own camera, which has become an artifact of zero distance and zero disturbance package collection - these are the live video images from the rookie smart terminal. It seems that in the near future, the busiest part of double 11 will not be the express brother, but the robot

will be the main entrance to the future smart home.

if you want to know about the future smart home life, you don't have to go to the furniture exhibition hall, just move to Huawei's glorious booth

in the future 5g era, before the alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, the hot Dutch breakfast with "hoops" on the packaging materials has been prepared in the smart rice cooker. When you go out to work, you can check the video and air quality at home in real time. You can also remotely control the sweeping robot and washing machine. Electric lights and televisions can also be remotely controlled. When you get home in the evening, dinner is ready, smart speakers play your favorite music, the temperature and humidity have been adjusted to your most comfortable state, and even the bath water has been burned... The glory booth only shows the tip of the iceberg in the 5g era in the future

in the future, it is considered as the main entrance of smart home. We can control other smart home products. However, the biggest problem in the era of smart home is that there is no unified industry technical standard system, which makes many smart home products unable to give full play to their maximum effectiveness. Today, the smart home app brought by glory can be regarded as the "Mandarin" for smart hardware connection, allowing smart devices of different brands to be interconnected. It can automatically discover, connect with one click, uniformly manage hilink intelligent devices, and support intelligent scene recommendation. In addition, glory allows different manufacturers to interact. Take the air purifier robot as an example. In the smart home ecosystem, it can be linked with the air conditioner manufacturer in the future. According to the switch of the air conditioner, the positioning system can be used to let the robot go to the area to achieve purification

in addition, glory also showed a number of "know you" artificial intelligence chips equipped with the world's first built-in neuron network unit (NPU) Kirin 970 at the smart Expo site. It is worth noting that the glorious new note10 can realize the computer mode and any mode switching, which is amazing

it will build an "interconnected ecosystem of all things"

in the era of interconnected everything, China Mobile is also building an "interconnected ecosystem of all things". At this smart Expo, China Mobile demonstrated a series of "Internet +" black technologies

on the mobile booth yesterday, a smart door lock with a height of about 20 cm attracted Qian Bao's attention. Only the staff put their face close to the access control and unlocked it in a few seconds. "We use facial depth authentication, and 3D printing can't fool it, let alone photos or virtual imaging."

in addition to using this new material to eliminate the original necessary coating process and drying process, China Mobile also uses IOT technology to connect seven types of fire-fighting terminal equipment, such as smoke, gas, water level, temperature and water pressure, to the intelligent fire-fighting platform for monitoring

at the exhibition site, China Mobile Zhejiang also demonstrated the remote synchronous signature technology. The user can experience signing on the tablet application, and the remote manipulator can synchronously copy the user's signature. In the 5g era, signing a contract or mining is no longer necessary. With 5g high speed and low time delay, it can also control the remote manipulator without leaving home for remote dangerous goods disposal, remote maintenance diagnosis, remote medical surgery, etc

China Mobile Zhejiang also showed us the future of smart medicine. Through intelligent sensor devices, ECG data can be obtained within 30 seconds. Through intelligent AI interpretation, heart monitoring indicators can be obtained, which can help users pay attention to heart health at all times

there is also a small real name authentication all-in-one machine on site. Although it is not beautiful, it has a great effect. According to the staff, this all-in-one machine is an intelligent special device for Zhejiang Mobile to check the consistency of ID cards in window services. Aiming at the problem of repeated running errands for citizens without ID cards, it uses its own face recognition technology and public security ID card library to realize intelligent inspection, which can well reduce repeated running errands and effectively help "run at most once". As long as the user inputs the ID card number and name, the all-in-one machine will take photos of your face and verify your identity. After passing the identification, you can make an appointment and handle business without a license

the Wenzhou citizen's home for smart upgrading undertaken by Zhejiang Mobile was officially opened to the public not long ago. It is the first "Internet + smart approval" service hall in Zhejiang Province. Ordinary people can handle all businesses through online reservation, one-time number and one door entry, which is the best proof that mobile intelligent black technology has helped to effectively implement "one-time running at most"

Huawei in the future

China Mobile in the future

rookies in the future

not only teachers but also robots teach children

"what do you mean by thinking in the quiet night?" "How do you write Chinese characters?" At the smart Expo site, iFLYTEK's booth was crowded. Among them, "alpha egg", a reading robot, is deeply loved by children. "At present, the alpha egg collection is the authoritative stroke order resource of more than 3000 commonly used Chinese characters, and also covers the Chinese and English textbooks for primary and secondary schools in many domestic publishing houses. In addition to powerful educational resources, it also has high-definition cameras, so that parents can make video calls with their children." The relevant person in charge of the marketing department of Zhejiang iFLYTEK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. told us that this alpha egg was launched in early July last year, and the shipment volume has reached 30000 sets

the big data precision teaching system brought by iFLYTEK has become the focus of parents' attention. "Within one minute, a module with a similarity of more than 95% can be generated, and its output voltage can be measured, which greatly saves teachers' work efficiency." IFLYTEK Zhejiang related project leader told. Moreover, the system will analyze the long-term learning data of all students in the class to form a systematic statistical analysis report

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