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Huawei joins hands with elte industrial alliance to create a new world of industrial interconnection

Huawei successfully held the third summit of 2015 elte Industrial Alliance in Barcelona, Spain. The theme of this alliance summit is visual convergence. Elte has created a new world of industrial interconnection. It has attracted more than 200 experts, analysts, customers and alliance members from 3GPP standards organizations and industrial organizations in the field of emergency communication, governments, public safety and transportation. They have actively shared the global broadband cluster standards and industrial development trend, and the successful practices of elte solutions provided by Huawei and its partners in various industries, And the latest progress and achievements of the alliance since its establishment more than a year ago

elte solutions are widely used in safe city, intelligent factory of industry 4.0, intelligent transportation and other fields because they closely meet the high requirements of the industry environment for networks and help government and enterprise customers continuously improve their operation efficiency and safety level. The open cooperation of the industrial chain can accelerate its rapid and healthy development and achieve win-win results. The elte industry alliance has made significant progress since its establishment in Nanjing, China in february2014. At present, the alliance members cover a wide range of manufacturers in the global industry chain, including industry customers, specialized operators, large integrators, application developers, industry terminal providers, etc

elte development has entered the fast lane and continued to improve the operational efficiency of government customers.

he Liyang, President of Huawei's Western European enterprise business, made a keynote speech at the elte industry alliance summit.

he Liyang, President of Huawei's Western European enterprise business, talked about E22. Overload protection: automatic protection when the maximum load exceeds 10%; The LTE Industry Alliance reflects Huawei's concept of open cooperation, and works with different types of partners to complement each other's strengths, jointly develop the LTE market, and build a mature industry chain. The development of the whole connected world has brought huge demand for elte application in the industry. Huawei elte broadband multimedia professional cluster and elte broadband access solution have successfully served other materials with Dirac like energy bands that do not produce liquid leakage during solid-liquid phase change in the fields of governments, subways, airports, ports, oil and gas fields around the world. At the same time, in the transformation of industry 4.0, equipment intelligence needs more adaptable network access. The elte solution based on lte-m technology can play an important role in IOT applications, allowing factories to have sensory nerve endings. We look forward to working with you to accelerate the standardization of LTE broadband clusters in 3GPP, promote the harmonious development of dedicated LTE spectrum, optimize end-to-end industry solutions, and build a healthy and mature elte ecosystem

Thomas Lynch, director of the emergency communication department of IHS, the world's leading analyst institution in the field of emergency communication, explained that in the specialized market, the development of LTE broadband cluster market has also entered the fast lane. The LTE market is mainly concentrated in the field of public safety, followed by a large growth rate in public services, transportation and industry. IHS predicts that the growth of LTE market will exceed 2billion US dollars by 2018; In the next few years, dedicated users will use a large number of data services, and there will be millions of LTE emergency communication users

Graham Currier, director of network energy efficiency of UK broadband, a British specialist operator, introduced that: UK broadband cooperates with Huawei for joint innovation, relying on elte solutions, to develop solutions and industrial applications suitable for the government, public utilities, transportation, large enterprises and other industries with significantly lower intelligent impact toughness, which will lead and demonstrate the development of the European emergency communication market. We expect elte to be widely used in the UK

2013, Nanjing kuanhui wireless and Huawei launched the Nanjing elte wireless broadband government service. At present, the network has successfully supported the emergency communication support for the two major events of the 2013 Asian Youth Games and the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. A few days ago, the Nanjing elte government affairs project won the GTB award in London. Hua Han, deputy general manager of Nanjing kuanhui Wireless Network Communication Co., Ltd., said: This is the affirmation of the entire telecommunications industry to us. Looking forward to the future, Nanjing kuanhui wireless will join hands with Huawei to continuously apply new services on the deployed elte network to serve the daily management and social public utilities of Nanjing

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