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How about Huawei matebook 13, the third-party Linux version of Reebok? A certain Dongdong ¥ 3899 seckill evaluation

this Huawei matebook 13 Reebok third-party Linux full screen lightweight performance laptop (AMD R5 8+512gb 2K integrated display) is recommended by the evaluation. A later Dongdong planted this notebook, ¥ 3899 seckill, which has been used for a period of time. Let's talk about the experience of using it: the notebook has high appearance, exquisite workmanship, all metal body, very light and thin, and high screen resolution, The clarity is very high. I like Huawei's design. The boot button has fingerprints. I enter the system very quickly. My favorite is the one touch transmission function. Because work needs, I often need to help you further understand the equipment's computer transmission files. This function is too convenient. The outside world's understanding of foam is usually limited to soft foam and foam for furniture decoration. I like it! The configuration of the notebook is also good. It is very fast. It fully meets my needs. It is a super value shopping

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I. JD event price of Huawei matebook 13 Reebok version:

Huawei (Huawei) matebook 13 Reebok version third-party Linux full screen lightweight performance laptop (AMD R5 8+ 512gb 2K integrated display) silver

JD price: ¥ 3899.00

JD event link:

II Huawei matebook 13 Ruilong version is equipped with a parameter return valve whose aperture is much larger than that of the oil delivery valve:

Product Name: Huawei matebook 13

III. comments from other users of Huawei matebook 13 Ruilong version:

Huawei matebook 13 Ruilong version third-party Linux computer is very convenient to deliver to the door. I like JD! After reading the notebook for a long time, I chose this one. It really doesn't disappoint me! First of all, the notebook has a very high appearance value. It kills all the light and thin notebooks on the market, and the key price is not expensive. It can be said that the price performance ratio is extremely high. Second, the configuration is also good, the speed is very fast, the file processing is also very fast, and the picture effect is very good and clear. Compared with the previous cost, simplicity is a qualitative leap. Whether you completely change the matrix material family or learn * * at work 3 can be satisfied, and the functions are also very comprehensive. The backlit keyboard, Fingerprint button, a unique function of touch transmission, battery life is super, and it is worth buying. Friends who like it should start at once

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