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Huawei's modular data center helps build safe Zunyi

with the continuous development of information technology, the pace of police information construction has accelerated, playing a vital role in improving office efficiency, combating crime, improving people's satisfaction, and maintaining long-term social stability

Zunyi Public Security Bureau has newly built a modern and intelligent police cloud data room, and used the intelligence led police information system to achieve the war of building a safe Zunyi and a harmonious society. However, people often ignore the strategic goal of the bandwidth of the a/d converter. Its traditional data center computer room can no longer meet the requirements of modern information-based police system. Zunyi Public Security Bureau urgently needs to build a new data center to meet the requirements of Ping An Zunyi project

Zunyi Public Security Bureau currently has several data rooms in use. However, due to the independent management of each department, no unified standard was implemented at the beginning of construction, and the management of each department's computer room consumes a lot of labor costs; In addition, because the data computer room is mostly built in the traditional way and does not pay attention to the energy-saving design of the computer room, there is a lot of energy waste, and the pue of the computer room was greater than 2.0 for a time Under such a situation, Zunyi public security bureau put forward the new requirements and made a unified plan for the data center, with the goal of building an advanced, reliable and green data center. After the construction is completed, it is planned to move the IT equipment of each department to the new data center for unified management and operation and maintenance. The newly-built data center project has a scale of 1200 square meters, 216 cabinets, and a total load power of 898kw. It is planned to be used by six departments: technical investigation, security, information center, criminal investigation, public security, and drug control. After strict bid evaluation and screening, Huawei's modular data center scheme was finally selected

according to the functional area, the main equipment area of the data center of the business and technology room of Zunyi Public Security Bureau is divided into four parts, namely, the technical investigation room, the security room, the comprehensive room (including criminal investigation, public security, drug control, etc.) and the operator access room. Among them, the data of technical investigation and security computer rooms have secret related requirements, so a relatively independent computer room area is built. The comprehensive computer room is the police cloud data computer room, which is mainly used for the integration of network data resources of the public security platform. Therefore, the design is implemented according to the medium and high-density computer room construction standards

each machine room is equipped with multiple intelligent micro modules, each of which includes cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, refrigeration system, environmental monitoring system, generic cabling system, etc. The design concept of high reliability and energy saving and the construction method of integrating subsystems are very suitable for the later expansion and operation and maintenance management, and easily solve the problems of difficult public security operation and maintenance management and high energy consumption

1. Security and reliability

for the public security system, ensuring zero business interruption is its primary goal. The project is designed to supply power by two-way mains supply and diesel generator according to the standard of class b+ computer room and the standard of class a computer room. The diesel generator is configured according to n+1 redundancy. UPS parallel double bus is used for power supply, and the battery is configured as a 15 minute backup. The diesel generator shall be started automatically within 3 minutes after the mains power is cut off, so as to ensure that the business will not be affected

the subsystem adopts modular ups and supports hot plug. When the power module fails, it will exit the system in time without affecting the normal work of other modules. In addition, the modular data center monitoring system provides life prediction to realize failure early warning and active operation and maintenance capabilities. Through health monitoring and preventive maintenance, we can nip in the bud and greatly reduce the failure rate of the data center

2. Advance and intelligence

the data center computer room fully reflects the characteristics of the core of the information system. In the design of the computer room, the system foresight is fully considered, and the modular data center is adopted to facilitate the later expansion in terms of power density, time and space, so as to build the central computer room into an advanced intelligent information data processing and control center

the modular data center provides a flexible construction mode, and all sub components adopt modular standardized interfaces to facilitate flexible capacity expansion in the later stage. The intelligent management system provides intelligent monitoring of all power environment systems, and can be integrated with L2 for unified management. Combined with app and email, it makes the data center well known

3. Green energy-saving

high efficiency high-frequency UPS system, the greater the value of mains power mode kn, the higher the rigidity (not easy to be twisted). It shows that under a good experimental machine, the UPS system efficiency still reaches 96% at 40% load. Under eco mode, UPS system efficiency reaches 99%

the closed channel design is adopted to isolate the hot channel and the cold channel, prevent the mixing of cold and hot gases, improve the return air temperature of the air conditioner and reduce the cooling cost. The near end refrigeration mode can shorten the air return, fully improve the utilization rate of cold air and reduce the refrigeration energy consumption. Through a variety of technical means, the pue in the computer room is effectively reduced to achieve energy saving

the Huawei modular data center took the average value as the successful practice of decarbonization layer depth in Ping An Zunyi project, which was unanimously recognized by Zunyi Public Security Bureau. After years of accumulation in the data center field, Huawei's modular data center solutions are mature, stable and efficient. Huawei will continue to build a modern data center for the national public security industry and safeguard the stable operation of the national public security information system

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