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Huawei joins hands with Wanqiao and Qingyun to build an advanced digital hospital for the third people's Hospital of Gansu Province. This is an information and networking era. The level of hospital informatization is one of the symbols to judge whether a hospital is advanced. Information construction in the process of hospital management will greatly improve the efficiency and level of hospital management, standardize a series of issues such as hospital medical management, cost control and wage distribution, and improve the economic and social benefits of the hospital

the third people's Hospital of Gansu Province (hereinafter referred to as "the third people's Hospital of Gansu Province") was founded in the 1980s. After decades of development and construction, it has formed a good medical ethics and service concept. It has become a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and health care, and serves the public. It is a provincial, municipal and district medical insurance for urban employees The temperature when the new rural cooperative medical system reaches a specified deformation value. The designated medical insurance hospital and the first medical insurance hospital of Chengguan District residents. According to the development plan, the third people's Hospital of Gansu Province has built a comprehensive outpatient medical technology building with 19 floors above the ground and 2 floors below the ground to improve the overall physical therapy environment and expand the number of visits and hospitalizations

according to the development trend of informatization in the medical industry, the hospital expects that the informatization construction of the new building will reach the first-class level in the province and meet the requirements of not falling behind in the next five years. For the construction of computer room, it is hoped to adopt the current mainstream modular computer room to facilitate construction and management; The network construction hopes to achieve high performance, high security, easy operation and maintenance and good effect; It is hoped that the construction of IT infrastructure can support the construction needs of dual activities at the business level of the hospital

Lanzhou WanQiao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wanqiao) and Qingyun Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingyun) have fully understood the information construction needs of the new building of the Provincial Third Hospital, and have jointly designed a digital hospital solution with Huawei based on the demand characteristics and building structure of the Provincial Third Hospital. The solution includes a modular computer room solution with two main and standby computer rooms Internal and external wired wireless network solutions and dual active data center solutions covering the whole building

modular computer room solution

according to the structure, management, operation and maintenance needs of the two main and standby computer rooms in the new building of the third Academy of engineering, Huawei and Wanqiao put forward targeted solutions:

Huawei fusionmodule modular computer room solution is adopted. In order to match the continuity and stability of customers' business, the computer room adopts dual active design, the main computer room adopts fusionmodule2000 solution, and the backup computer room adopts fusionmodule800 solution, Perfectly match customer application scenarios

stable and reliable. The computer room shall be constructed according to the national class a computer room standard. Dual power supply, UPS adopts 2n system. Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply system. The refrigeration system adopts 2n system to ensure the stability and reliability of the refrigeration system. The overall design of the machine room adopts redundant design from the components, equipment and systems, and ensures the stability and reliability of the system from the design of the overall architecture

green energy saving. Sealed cold channel cooling mode is adopted, and row level air supply is adopted to improve refrigeration efficiency. DC variable-frequency compressor and R410A refrigerant are used for energy conservation and environmental protection. High efficiency modular UPS is adopted, and the efficiency can reach 96%

intelligent management. The unified intelligent management software is adopted to realize the coverage of the computer room in all fields, including the management functions of real-time data, equipment status, alarm, etc. of the power, environment and energy consumption of the data center. It supports various views and report presentation, and users can easily view the real-time status of data center equipment. The system provides a standard platform to realize flexible configuration, flexible capacity expansion and hierarchical management. Through intelligent management, the computer room can be unattended, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance management costs

neat and beautiful. The micro module machine room adopts an integrated construction scheme, with neat and beautiful appearance and good display effect. The information construction achievements of the hospital can be displayed outside through the computer room visit

network solutions

Huawei and Qingyun have put forward professional network planning solutions for the characteristics and high security requirements of multiple wired and wireless networks in the new building

the hospital network architecture is planned. According to the needs of the hospital business system, it is divided into internal core area, data center area, security management area, internal and external boundaries, front end zone (DMZ), external area, etc. From client security, network layer security to system security and application security, to achieve end-to-end security protection; It can also realize the multi-dimensional dynamic closed loop of protection, detection, response and repair. It can actively detect threats in advance, protect in time, and have corresponding data and application recovery mechanisms afterwards, so as to realize the security management of the whole life cycle

through the cooperation of a variety of security equipment and software, the internal and external intercommunication of the hospital can be realized. While protecting the network and application security, it can provide the public with registration, self-service inquiry, telemedicine, mobile office and other services

the terminal security management and control platform agile controller realizes the unified access management of network wired, wireless and VPN access, and can finely authorize based on role identity, access time, access location, terminal type, terminal ownership and access mode, meeting the JJG 556 ⑴ 988 axial loading decadent laboratory machine verification method hospital multiple network access Unified operation and maintenance management requirements for multiple terminal access and subsequent wireless medical patient access control

for the hospital, which is a room intensive scenario, the commonly used panel AP and distributed AP in the market can not fully meet the needs of wireless medicine. The former will cause doctors and nurses to frequently switch channels during ward rounds, resulting in data packet loss. The latter is difficult to install and has insufficient performance. Huawei's agile distributed Wi Fi network solution combines the advantages of the two and innovatively proposes the architecture of ac+ central ap+ remote unit. Each group of central AP and remote unit form a zero roaming domain to prevent packet loss when the terminal moves. At the same time, each remote unit contains a RF module and a built-in sky line. The signal placed in the room is good and fast, which can meet the mass data transmission of mobile PACS

dual active data center solution

1. Build a hospital cloud platform to ensure the rapid and flexible launch of hospital business

it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7million tons in one year. Considering the future business development of the hospital, Huawei and Qingyun fully evaluated the business of the third people's Hospital in Gansu Province and the construction needs of the hospital in the next three years, and used six two-way servers rh2288h V3 of Huawei to deploy the computing resource pool, In order to fully meet the business development needs of the hospital in the next three years, each set is configured with a 12 core Intel Xeon e V3 CPU, 512gb of memory, the integration of hardware resources by Huawei cloud platform software fusionsphere, and the highly reliable storage of back-end oceanstor 18500, which fully meets the needs of hospital information construction

2. Upgrade the disaster recovery architecture of core medical data, and escort the continuity of key businesses

in combination with the business requirements of medical informatization, Huawei and Qingyun jointly created a storage disaster recovery architecture based on V3 array dual active architecture. Compared with the traditional storage related dual active approach, the array dual active architecture adopts the hypermetro dual active technology of Huawei high-end storage oceanstor 18500 V3, which realizes data dual active through the software function of the thick disk array, Therefore, it has the characteristics of good performance, high reliability, easy maintenance and management

the cooperation between Wanqiao, Qingyun and Huawei has provided advanced digital hospital solutions for the third provincial hospital, helped the hospital information construction to a new level, and laid a solid foundation for the construction of hospital application software. The informatization construction of the third provincial hospital will not only help to improve the business and management level of the hospital itself, but also help to enhance the reputation of the hospital and promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the hospital

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Qingyun Construction Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D and production of high-tech products, engineering design and system integration. Its main businesses include intelligent energy production, electromechanical equipment system integration, fire-fighting facilities system integration, building intelligent system integration, and it has the above-mentioned first-class professional contracting qualification. It is also the only professional contracting enterprise in Northwest China with comprehensive qualification for undertaking purification projects. Since its establishment, the company has taken becoming an outstanding intelligent energy builder in China as its highest ideal, and has embarked on the green cloud ladder with science and technology. Qingyun construction always pursues the core values of achieving customers, rewarding shareholders, creating opportunities and contributing to the society. Based on the management philosophy of quality, honesty and trustworthiness, concerted efforts and inheritance and innovation, Qingyun construction is based in the northwest and radiates across the country, and is engaged in the integration of central air conditioning engineering system, purification engineering system and fire engineering system The field of building intelligent engineering system integration has become the integrator of high-quality resources and the founder of high-quality engineering product production

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