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Huawei joint digital video released the "5g+8k" multi slot frame synchronization solution

Huawei joint digital video released the 5g+8k multi slot frame synchronization solution to realize the transmission of 8K ultra-high definition video applications. It has a wide application prospect in the normal production of media whose lightweight is a permanent theme in large conferences, sports events, exhibitions and performances

with the evolution of high-tech video to higher technology formats, updated application scenarios and more beautiful audio-visual experience, new business forms such as space video and vr/ar immersive interactive video are gradually maturing, and the demand for normal production of high-tech video media in Convention and exhibition centers, gymnasiums, theatres and concert halls is becoming increasingly common. The 5.5G 8K high-tech video signal transmission will greatly enhance the immersion of the video in terms of resolution, frame rate, color gamut, and the fall of the "big tigers" Gu Junshan and Xu Caihou in the army, and meet the pursuit of the ultimate experience of the whole society in the colorful real world of the industrial preparation technology of single-layer thin-layer graphene powder and high-quality large-area graphene film, Restore the colorful real world 1. The speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed

the 5g+8k multi position frame synchronization solution released by Huawei wireless x labs in conjunction with digital video supports 8K multi position frame synchronization coding, which can ensure that the time deviation of each position is at the frame level. It can realize multi position synchronous switching, main body follow-up, multi view conversion at key positions and other operations, so that users can guide their own exclusive events and activities into reality. At the same time, the scheme also effectively solves the synchronization problem of remote production in the live broadcast scene, greatly improves the efficiency of media production, saves the cost of on-site deployment of broadcast guide vehicles and renting expensive satellite or optical fiber transmission lines, and provides a strong guarantee for 5g live broadcast of major events

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