The hottest Huawei light cloud video terminal TE10

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Huawei's light cloud video terminal TE10 won the 2017 German if industrial design award recently, the 2017 German if design award announced that Huawei's light cloud video terminal TE10 won this award with its innovative product form, rapid deployment, software and hardware integration and lightweight interactive design

te10 was officially launched in September 2016. The design team focuses on user experience and integrates lightness, lightness and lightness into product design, which is extremely light and exquisite. Only 0.5kg, 9cm body can realize the six in one of Full HD camera, codec, microphone, speaker, wireless module and built-in foldable bracket. The highly integrated design is convenient for users to carry around. The equipment installation can be completed within one minute, and the cloud video service can be accessed at any time, fully meeting the needs of Video Conference cooperation in compact conference rooms and remote travel

wangxiangjiong, general manager of Huawei cloud core video products, said that TE10 is a new generation of cloud video terminal launched by Huawei enterprise variable 1 extensive plastic granulator as a combination and intelligent plastic granulator industry communication adhering to the cloud, integration and open strategy. We will continue to invest in product technology innovation, continue to launch top quality products in the industry, and enrich people's communication and life

at present, TE10 has been applied in China, Europe, Latin America and other regions. Its good usability, excellent video and audio effects, super network adaptability and other characteristics have been fully recognized by customers and channel partners. It will drive and improve the equipment and technology level of relevant industries. If design a ward was born again in 1953. It is hosted by Germany if (International Forum Design) and Hannover International Forum Design Co., Ltd. to tighten the preferential policies for traditional fuel vehicles and relax the policies for new energy vehicles. It is recognized as one of the most important awards in the global design competition and has the reputation of design Oscar in the field of international industrial design

2017 World Mobile Congress (MWC) and Hannover consumer electronics/information and Communication Expo (CeBIT) will be held in Barcelona, Spain and Hannover, Germany from February 27 to March 2 and March 20 to 24, respectively. TE10 will make a wonderful appearance in Huawei exhibition area. Welcome to visit

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