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Huawei made a brilliant debut at the second world interconnection conference to jointly build a connected world. On December, 2015, the second world interconnection conference will be held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. The theme of this connectivity conference is connectivity, shared governance and building a community of shared future in cyberspace. The digital economy will bring various conveniences to people's lives. Universal connection technology has been integrated into all aspects of people's work and life to meet people's material and cultural needs and inject unlimited development potential into the future

with the vision of building a better connected world, Huawei will exhibit Gigabit broadband technology, high-end IT infrastructure, his discovery facilities and the latest flagship mate8 and Huawei watch. At the same time, yuchengdong, senior vice president of Huawei, will also attend the conference and participate in the summit dialogue with Liu qiangdong, Lei Jun and other Internet giants as a guest at the sub Forum on global cooperation and innovation

network technology innovation supports China's broadband strategy

2015 is a year of rapid development of bandwidth demand. At present, the rising of high-definition video, holographic technology and virtual reality technology represented by 4k/8k has put forward new requirements for network bandwidth and delay. As a system engineering, Gigabit network evolution is supported by the continuous innovation and practice of various broadband network technologies at the network level, including the continuous upgrading and acceleration of access broadband technology, the continuous improvement of optical fiber transmission network capacity, the continuous improvement of backbone/idc interconnection capacity, and more efficient and green energy-saving connections

at this interconnection conference, Huawei will display its 16 latest innovations in the field of network innovation, covering systems, optical modules, chips, solutions and other fields, including distributed 100g OLT, OTN 2+8 cluster, 1t set brand popularity further expanding group router, key technologies of various chips and Huawei's newly defined new video experience standard u-vmos. By the end of 2014, Huawei had more than 1500 Gigabit related technology innovation patents. This method is often used to evaluate the wear rate of major engine parts through continuous technological innovation to support the development of broadband China strategy

high end it infrastructure creates an important information foundation for national economic development

Huawei's it star products, the new generation of high-end storage and key business servers, are also highlights of the conference. Among them, Huawei's new generation of high-end storage oceanstor 18000 V3 is oriented to the timely protection of core applications in enterprise data centers. Its global leading business sustainability, flexibility and efficiency, and future oriented integration capabilities make it the main storage of key businesses in the fields of tax, human resources and social security, customs and other government core collection and business systems, financial institutions' core transaction and credit reporting systems, and energy core exploration, analysis and dispatching systems, Provide customers with safe, reliable, elastic and efficient data storage services

Kunlun key business server, another star high-end product in this exhibition, is the first 32-way x86 key business server in China. Its industry-leading performance and scalability, as well as the highest level of X86 server Ras features, effectively ensure the efficient and reliable operation of key business systems, improve the computing economic benefits of key business processing, and become the only choice to replace small computers

in the cloud era, Huawei it focuses on infrastructure. Through continuous innovation, it helps the government, energy, power, finance, manufacturing, operators and other industries to build advanced and efficient IT platforms, and create an important information foundation to support the development of the national economy

extraordinary innovation and excellent R & D create the top works of flagship terminals

Huawei mate 8 and Huawei watch are the top works that condense Huawei's extraordinary innovation ability and excellent R & D technology. Huawei mate 8 has opened up a new pattern in the high-end business market by virtue of many functions, such as the strongest chip, ultra long endurance, security, real 4G all-in-one and excellent photography; Huawei watch not only has powerful functions such as wrist navigation, Alipay offline payment, and heart rate monitoring, but also has the appearance quality and powerful human-computer interaction function. It subverts the conventional design concept of smart watches in the market and gives a new definition to smart watches

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