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Huawei mate 20 is released, AI intelligent chess shows the power of artificial intelligence

original title: Huawei mate 20 is released, AI intelligent chess shows the power of artificial intelligence [pconline gossip] these years,

original title: Huawei mate 20 is released, AI intelligent chess shows the power of artificial intelligence

[pconline gossip] these years, AI has been a hot word in the science and technology circle. On October 26, at the Huawei mate 20 series conference in Shanghai, Huawei, together with nieweiping Weiqi Dojo and other partners, held an AI intelligent chess game, which is undoubtedly another breakthrough of Huawei in AI Artificial Intelligence. The theme of this opening video is "seeing all intelligent things, seeing the world within a square inch". 3D modeling was used to demonstrate the visual miracle of the revival of small things, showing the evolution of AI Artificial Intelligence. It is full of science fiction

it is understood that AI intelligent chess displayed by Huawei is composed of Huawei mate 20 series, go app of nieweibing go Dojo and robot arm of Aipu technology. The AI operation at its core is provided by the Kirin 980 processor of mate 20. This is the world's first dual core NPU unit processor with 7Nm process. It uses a higher precision depth network and supports AI scenarios such as face recognition, object recognition and object detection. The AI performance is three times that of the previous generation, and is more than 1.3 times higher than that of the existing processors of other manufacturers

when playing chess, the neural network depth model of the Kirin 980 processor equipped in mate20 is used to calculate, and the mechanical arm is used to lay out the chess pieces to straighten out the production management process. In the case of no connection, it can also reach the level of go 4. It is believed that with the improvement of the performance of the AI chip and the upgrade of the go app, it can reach the level of the world champion of go in the future

in addition, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, gave a speech at the press conference. The visual effects of the projection of the heaven earth screen and the screen screen were very shocking, giving people a sense of science and technology, and the small force value in the future was as good as the S-type sensor. Interestingly, in the past two years, many manufacturers like to disclose at the new machine press conference that their flagship has received scores on the photos taken by 1665 ark Enterprises above dxom Province, so as to show their flagship's excellence in photography. However, at this press conference, Huawei did not disclose the DxOMark score of mate20 series

Yu Chengdong also explained at the press conference that because the flagship P20 pro of the previous generation still ranks first, the photography of this generation's mate 20 series must go further. If this series is put on the list, the top few on the DxOMark list will all be Huawei, which will be too damaging to friends. It can be seen that Huawei is very confident in the photographic strength of mate20 series. We also have reason to believe that Huawei has this strength


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