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XCMG: bravely climb the peak of equipment manufacturing with products that are "technologically advanced and indestructible"

XCMG: bravely climb the peak of equipment manufacturing with products that are "technologically advanced and indestructible"

China Construction machinery information

just in the middle of 2017, XCMG continues to reap exciting good news:

on July 10, XCMG's world's first eight axle 1200 ton wind power dedicated all terrain crane departed for major customers of the power system, In the domestic super mobile crane market with more than 100 tons, it takes the lead with 60% share and completely replaces imports

in the first half of this year, the sales volume of XCMG's large mining excavators with more than 70 tons exceeded that of last year, ranking first in the domestic market with a share of nearly 50% and obtaining overseas large orders that are sufficient to change the competitive pattern of the world mining machinery industry. XCMG's large mining excavators with more than 100 tons and large mining dump trucks are the only independent brands of complete sets of mining machinery in China; With major overseas orders continuously obtained in many "the Belt and Road" national super projects, such as the world's largest refinery project, the Nigerian dangote refinery project, XCMG's total exports increased by 90% year-on-year and ranked first among its domestic peers

in the first half of this year, XCMG group achieved an operating revenue of 52.1 billion yuan, an increase of 48% year-on-year; The total profit increased by more than 2 times year-on-year

these achievements were not easy for XCMG, which was still in the steep decline of the industry for five consecutive years at this time last year. The key is that we worked hard with great strategic determination to practice our internal skills and transform, and fought a life and death battle of supply side structural reform enterprises that must be overcome in the journey of made in China 2025:

first, we unswervingly implement XCMG's "technology leadership, use not destroy" action gold standard. The general manager of our hydraulic parts company recently went to the mining area of Rio Tinto company in Australia and said after watching the performance of XCMG hydraulic cylinders: this trip really realized what is leading technology and indestructible. Under the extreme conditions of desolate mountains and mines with a radius of hundreds of kilometers and high temperature and drought, large excavators continue to operate for more than 20 hours a day. If the oil cylinder fails, the losses to customers are incalculable and can't afford to be destroyed. XCMG oil cylinder has a maximum working time of 8671 hours, far exceeding the 5000 hours required by customers, and ranks among the world's top products in this field. What construction machinery stresses is that it is progressiveness and indestructible. If it cannot achieve a breakthrough in high reliability, it will always be at the middle and low end and low level. The key to landing the strategic goal of made in China 2025 is to fully implement the XCMG action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible", which will greatly improve economic benefits and occupy the commanding height of global competition

second, we should unswervingly set our ambitions and make breakthroughs in key issues. Among the five key parts of construction machinery, power, hydraulic, transmission, intelligent control and walking, except for the power system, which is jointly tackled by the technical alliance, we have made a comprehensive independent layout of the other four systems. The top priority of the German R & D center, one of XCMG's three overseas R & D centers, is the basic key parts. Taking the high-end hydraulic valve with the highest technical difficulty in the hydraulic system as an example, our excavator hydraulic multi-way valve, which has made breakthroughs on the basis of the merger and acquisition of two hydraulic parts enterprises in Germany and the Netherlands, will have a cumulative installed supply of more than 1000 this year. There are additional option sets. The main valve of 70 to 110 ton cranes has been completely replaced by localization, and the price of the main valve of a Swiss brand has been reduced by 42%, The Chinese factory of Dutch AMAC hydraulic valve company under XCMG has landed in Xuzhou and is accelerating the formation of domestic guaranteed supply capacity of high-end hydraulic valves

third, unswervingly move towards the international market stage. At the beginning of this year, Philippine President duterte's interview with my delegation made us strongly touch the strong pulse of the Southeast Asian market. The sales of our heavily invested market doubled in the first half of the year. Last year, there was still a blank market, and a Southeast Asian country with further improved market collaboration made a breakthrough in the direct sale of 100 excavators; Our first export position in Africa and the Middle East is more stable. At this moment, there are more than 200 XCMG equipment on the construction site of the main stadium of the 2022 Qatar football World Cup; The joint venture factory we established in Uzbekistan in Central Asia makes XCMG equipment almost exclusively used in the construction of major projects in that country; The Brazilian factory with a total investment of US $350million has made XCMG one of the three major local construction machinery mainstream brands. The potential of this hundreds of people XCMG medical equipment and medical packaging can not be underestimated. The team has a creed that they will not return home unless they win the South American market; Schweiying company in Germany is the first brand of concrete machinery in developed markets in Europe and America. This enterprise has five manufacturing bases in the world; We are preparing to build new KD factories in the United States and India, so that XCMG has 10 kd factories worldwide; The eight overseas spare parts centers we have arranged this year have tripled the export of spare parts in the first half of the year. A large number of post-80s and post-90s international talents and foreign experts we have introduced from all over the world are supporting XCMG's new blueprint for global market development

fourth, we should unswervingly make breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent interconnected equipment. Now, a basic original technology R & D team invested by XCMG is working day and night to tackle the technology of unmanned construction machinery. If we can grasp this historic machine and the Higuchi equation is 10 points in line, XCMG will gain the leading position in the world's high-end construction machinery technology; XCMG information technology company, which started from the supporting business of intelligent terminal and software system of construction machinery, has grown into the largest IT enterprise in Huaihai Economic Zone and will be listed on the new third board this year; The newly established XCMG cross-border e-commerce company will have a revenue of more than 100 million this year, focusing on developing overseas direct sales of "three high and one large" high-end hosts; The newly prepared XCMG Zhilian logistics company has also begun its global layout; XCMG and Alibaba cloud jointly built the industry's first industrial cloud platform, which manages the overall operating rate, operation data, remote operation and maintenance diagnosis information of more than 400000 XCMG equipment. The accumulated big data provides an important index reference for the national economic forecast. XCMG intelligent manufacturing has become a benchmark enterprise recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China. Intelligent interconnected equipment is turning automatic equipment efficiency management, intelligent optimization of construction process plans, intelligent fault prediction and alarm services into new customer value. Lu Yongxiang spoke highly of XCMG after inspecting it: "XCMG's intelligent manufacturing is not only in the forefront of the industry, but also in the leading position of the first tier in China."

fifth, we should unswervingly cultivate a number of industry champions and invisible champions. XCMG started from the three traditional main engines of cranes, loaders and road rollers, and has rapidly developed the "new five types" of excavators, concrete machinery, piling machinery, heavy trucks and environmental industries in the past decade. The main business position of six categories of construction machinery in the eight sectors has never been shaken, and four of these six categories of construction machinery have become one of the best in the global industry; Both heavy truck and environmental industries are in the troika of XCMG's "12th Five Year Plan", which has doubled in recent years. It will take five years to reach 10 billion yuan and realize separate listing. XCMG machinery, a listed company we often pay attention to, is only a part of XCMG. XCMG also has a considerable part of high-quality assets under the parent company XCMG group. Now it will be loaded into XCMG excavators, German schweiying and XCMG tower cranes of listed companies. XCMG mining machinery is a large sector that has begun to emerge in recent years, and will be XCMG's ninth heavyweight sector. The world giants caterpillar and Komatsu in this field have a sales scale of more than 10 billion dollars every year. The world giants in this field regard XCMG as the main competitor in Chinese brands. XCMG mining machinery will be the same as XCMG machinery of construction machinery, XCMG heavy truck and XCMG environment, Strive to create a new listing platform and become a mainstream competitor in the world mining machinery industry

XCMG machinery has also stepped up the incubation of a number of new invisible champion sectors, including XCMG's complete sets of fire-fighting equipment, which grew up separately last year, including complete sets of underground space construction equipment composed of shield machines, tunnel boring machines, rock drilling jumbos, underground excavation, etc. these two sectors have initially reached a scale of about 500million; Our aerial work platforms, aerial work vehicles and road maintenance machinery have reached a scale of more than 100 million, and port machinery, energy and hydraulic drilling rigs are also accelerating their growth. Military equipment is another new field that XCMG focuses on developing. XCMG trains 1billion military engineering machinery for the people's Liberation Army every year, and is fully involved in military main battle support equipment, exploring the entry of military main battle equipment, focusing on seeking breakthroughs in the fields of high mobility military engineering equipment, military vehicles and unmanned equipment. The big platform of XCMG brand is strong enough to cultivate and carry dozens of industry champions and invisible champions in the equipment manufacturing segment

sixth, we should unswervingly build the world's intelligent group and XCMG's great instrument culture. To be an equipment industry, we must not be impetuous or eager for quick success and instant benefits. We must have the accumulation and precipitation of technology, the formation and development of culture, the accumulation and innovation of excellent talents, and the unswerving aim. Otherwise, China cannot become a powerful manufacturing country. XCMG, a local state-owned enterprise, can become a national team of equipment manufacturing and famous in the world industry, not only because we have the widest product line of construction machinery and complete sets of construction equipment, technology and services, but also because we have an excellent, professional and dedicated team of skilled workers and engineers. Among XCMG's 22000 employees, there are not only 6000 R & D and process technicians, but also 18 chief technicians, 136 senior technicians, 923 technicians and 4357 senior workers in Jiangsu Province. Senior workers and above account for more than 50% of skilled workers, among which an advanced group represented by 6 national model workers has emerged; It has introduced overseas high-end talents by using the layout of global manufacturing and R & D bases, and has a foreign staff of more than 3000 people

the biggest difference between XCMG and other enterprises is that XCMG has an excellent corporate culture and has forged a unique XCMG fighting spirit with courage and tenacity. XCMG's culture, which takes taking responsibility, great road and great achievements as its core values, and strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative as its corporate spirit, has infected and affected several generations at the spiritual level, and created a benign industrial ecological environment. With such excellent corporate culture, none of our backbone elites left XCMG under the temptation of high salaries from their peers, which shows the strong cohesion and infinite positive energy of XCMG's brand and culture. These are the quality, efficiency, scale Sustainable "three haves and one can" growth and build the most solid foundation for becoming a world-class longevity enterprise

XCMG has set a goal: at the end of the made in China 2025 strategy, it must be among the top three in the world construction machinery industry and enter the world construction machinery luxury club, which is also the pursuit of all Chinese equipment manufacturers. After decades of struggle and development, XCMG is still hundreds of meters away from the peak of the world's construction machinery, and has strong strength and foundation. It is fully capable of reaching the peak and achieving this goal step by step through our solid efforts. As long as we work hard and move forward firmly, we are determined not to

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