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XCMG's "superhero" appeared at the North American event and won world respect with "ingenuity"

XCMG's "superhero" appeared at the North American event and won world respect with "ingenuity"

China Construction machinery information

on March 7, the Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition was grandly opened. Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Expo is one of the three major construction machinery exhibitions in the world, which are as famous as Bauma and France INTERMAT exhibitions in terms of production and marketing of Germany and even parts and raw materials. It is an important platform for the industry to display the latest technologies, equipment and products, and has a history of nearly 100 years

xr18 Jiangnan industrial concentration area from XCMG foundation vigorously develops 0dv rotary drilling rig for aluminum based new materials and lands with other 13 products of XCMG group, highlighting XCMG Foundation's deep accumulation as the leader of the domestic piling industry with innovative technology

this is also XCMG's first appearance at the Las Vegas exhibition

XCMG rotary drilling rig appeared at the Las Vegas exhibition

international event to demonstrate the strength of Chinese brands

it is understood that the XCMG exhibition hall covers an area of 1395 square meters. The participating products greatly meet the needs and preferences of American customers in terms of product performance and technological innovation, and show XCMG's innovative technology and extraordinary strength after decades of tempering

XCMG xr180dv is an intelligent rotary drilling rig with multi-function and high emission standards specially developed for the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, representing the increasingly excellent intelligent manufacturing capacity of Chinese brands. Since XCMG's rotary drilling rig landed in the North American market in 2016, it has been taking meeting the needs of customers as the leading idea. According to the feedback of customers, it has made more than 20 adaptability improvements. The carefully crafted products are more in line with the local market. XCMG xr180dv rotary drilling rig adopts imported Volvo four stage engine, and the emission standard can reach EU stage 4 and US EPA t4f. It has a multi-functional configuration, and can realize the rapid switching of various construction methods, such as rotary drilling, double power head, three-axis mixing, pipe drawing machine, etc. Reliable products and timely and convenient after-sales service have made XCMG brand recognized by more and more customers and gradually rooted in North America

exhibition site

Yong Li Chaotou climbs the innovation peak

the single worker, the product supervisor of XCMG xr180dv rotary drilling rig, said that in product research and development, the most critical thing is that due to local differentiated needs, the host machine requires a multi-functional configuration selection, which integrates rotary excavation method, double power head method, three-axis mixing method, rotary spray method, long screw method, pneumatic DTH hammer, pipe puller, drive, pipe rolling machine drive and other functions, Realize multiple functions of one machine. However, these technologies are still blank in China

in order to meet the value-added needs of customers in North America, R & D personnel must be familiar with local construction methods. In order to achieve this goal, XCMG Foundation's R & D team has gone deep into the U.S. construction site with the products sold for many times to track and observe records, ask relevant construction personnel, find data, collect construction method information from multiple channels, and conduct design and development demonstration. Every improvement shows the ingenuity and infatuation of the R & D personnel to strive for excellence. The newly launched xr180dv rotary drilling rig carries out modular design for various functions. Customers can choose different construction method configurations according to construction needs, and realize the switching of construction methods by replacing functional modules

in addition, this is also the first rotary drilling rig in China that meets the four stage non road machinery emission regulations in Europe and the United States. Domestic manufacturers of rotary drilling rigs basically use two-stage and three-stage engines. There is no membrane impact tester that can be seen at present. They are basically mechanical. They read data from the scale of the dial, and the accuracy is low With the combination of electronic sensors and microcomputer technology, the precision of cantilever pendulum impact testing machine is as high as 0.001j This precision is particularly suitable for the determination and inspection of product quality by the quality inspection system At the same time, it is also conducive to users to do fine testing and analysis of impact resistance to meet the increasingly stringent emission regulations in the European and American markets. XCMG's basic R & D team conducted research and Analysis on products of the same industry at home and abroad, upgraded and configured the engine, supported the internationalization strategic needs of the company's products exported to Turkey, the European Union, North America and other countries, and enhanced XCMG's world-class industry leading position in rotary drilling rigs

positioning the world and displaying a new brand image

"our products are now constructed on the same stage as world-class brands, which are not inferior to or even better than them. In terms of cost performance, or performance, we are comparable to foreign products..." speaking of product performance, zhangzhonghai, deputy general manager of XCMG foundation, is very confident

this confidence comes from the company's innovation in process methods and the continuous improvement in intelligent control, energy-saving technology, safety and reliability over the years. This change, from the initial reference to foreign advanced technology, to now actively carry out innovative exploration according to the needs of users

In five years, XCMG has authorized nearly 200 patents for new products, more than 30 products have won high-tech products, and more than 10 products have won provincial and ministerial awards

as the overseas market has become a new position for construction machinery manufacturers to compete, XCMG foundation has further accelerated its pace, concentrated its advantageous resources and tilted towards internationalization, improved its overseas sales network and services, and prepared the material tensile testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to carry out the elongation part system for various materials and promote the "five modernizations" of the hot market, that is, the localization of sales channels and the localization of service personnel, Product development is adaptive, leasing, maintenance and sales are synchronized, and local manufacturing is evolving. In the past 2016, XCMG Foundation's overseas export revenue doubled year-on-year, and launched overseas special edition products such as xr130e multi-functional rotary drilling rig and two India (India, Indonesia) directional drilling rig. Xr180dv rotary drilling rig passed the North American Certification and was successfully sold to the United States. Xr460d was exported to Cambodia, creating the largest tonnage of rotary drilling rig exported by China

The construction of XCMG rotary drilling rig in the United States

the times created heroes. In the face of the complex and volatile economic environment and the increasing market situation, XCMG foundation must live up to its mission, build the country's important tools with "leading technology and indestructible use", win the world's respect with "ingenuity", and constantly perform new brilliance on the international stage

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