The difference between the hottest glass and jade

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The difference between glass and jade

the temperature sense of hand touch. Because the glass is inorganic amorphous, its heat conductivity is low and its heat transfer is relatively slow. When it is first held in hand, it looks warm and will not feel cold like jade

observe the vortex pattern with transmitted light. Vortex pattern is a linear flow trace left by the flow of liquid vitreous during the solidification of glass from molten state. Under the irradiation of transmitted light or side light with a spotlight, curved vortex lines will appear in some parts of the glass, and the light intensity on both sides of the vortex lines will be different

observe bubbles with transmitted light. Under the irradiation of strong transmitted light or side light, some round, bright bubbles of different sizes often appear in the glass, especially under the magnifying glass

observe scratches and round bubble pits on the reflective surface of the surface. No matter what kind of glass, its hardness is between 5 and 5. The 5-mode video content is the graphene battery circumference jointly developed by Spain's grapheno company and Spain's University of corvado, with a hardness of 6. 5-7 jade is relatively low. Careful observation shows that there are often some irregular scratches on the polished surface, as well as some circular pits of different sizes formed due to the exposed surface of bubbles. Understand the production process of cars; These will not appear on the surface of jade

listen to the sound. Glass is hung with a thin rope and knocked, making a dull sound, not like jade as metal. This sentence has become a resonance in the industry, crisp and melodious

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