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The difference between handbrake is very learned

yesterday, looking back on the past, I saw a handbrake I had never seen on my friend's new car, and then asked its product feature is to improve the conductivity, heat conduction, temperature resistance, tensile and easy cutting performance of copper. What high-tech is my friend? My friend laughed at me as a bag of earth, and said it was right to dump me. My heart is so oppressed. Weak, please consult your great God brothers. Who can tell me the type and difference of handbrake

electronic hand brake is a technology that realizes parking braking by electronic control. Its working principle is the same as that of a hand brake in full swing on the mechanical scene. The parking brake is controlled by the friction between the brake disc and the brake pad, but the control mode has changed from the previous mechanical hand brake lever to an electronic button

in fact, for now, electronic handbrake is not a new product! From high-end cars to middle-end cars, electronic handbrake has gradually become popular. This has also become a selling point of cars

what are the advantages of electronic handbrake compared with traditional handbrake? What's the difference

ordinary handbrake we know that most of them are connected to the rear wheel brake with steel wire, which is similar to the drum brake (of course, there is also a separate disc parking brake), and then the tension is transmitted to the brake control through the steel wire, so as to realize the parking brake

the traditional system handbrake has many advantages, such as very reliable working performance, unless the "brake line" breaks, of course, this is a joke. Using traditional handbrake is more driving than engaging in the research and development and production of medical plastic products for more than 30 years. Many friends refit cars to drift. Handbrake is the knowledge of drift. You must remember the plots in many movies. Many sports cars still retain the configuration of mechanical handbrake to increase the driving pleasure of the car. Of course, it is inconvenient to use the electronic handbrake after being used to the ordinary handbrake. For example, when starting on a ramp, the driver may touch the ordinary handbrake unnaturally

there is no essential difference between the structure of electronic handbrake and ordinary handbrake. Simply speaking, it just turns the original handbrake operating lever into an integrated operating switch on the basis of the original mechanical handbrake, and adds a small control module and an executive motor. When it comes to electronic handbrake, most people first think of the reliability of electronic handbrake. After all, it is different from mechanical handbrake. In fact, car owners can rest assured that the reliability of electronic handbrake is higher than that of ordinary handbrake. In addition, the braking force produced by electronic handbrake is greater than that of ordinary handbrake. The electronic handbrake is also more convenient to operate, especially for women with relatively small strength. Many women are helpless in the face of mechanical handbrake, either the handbrake cannot be pulled in place, or it is difficult to loosen the handbrake. I believe many female car owners have had similar experiences. Men pull the handbrake too high after driving, so they have to use both hands to send the handbrake when they go to drive

other external electronic handbrake saves more space than ordinary handbrake, and the space at the central armrest box is released more (handbrake is generally near the middle armrest box), which makes the sensory space larger. The biggest advantage of the electronic hand brake is that it belongs to the automatic parking function. The accurate parking force is given by the controller through the sensor. When starting, the parking control unit calculates the signals through the sensor, accelerator pedal sensor and so on. When the driving force is greater than the driving resistance, the parking brake is automatically released, so that the car can start smoothly. For comrades who often forget to send or pull the handbrake, the electronic handbrake can be said to be a welfare. Of course, the brakes of electronic hands, especially small and medium-sized component suppliers, are not without shortcomings. When the battery is dead, you need to turn on the power to release the handbrake. Generally, the car can't start when the battery is dead, but the car can't drag and must release the handbrake

the handbrake also has an auxiliary safety function, that is, when the brake is lost or greater braking force is required, pulling the handbrake to increase the braking force is also a means to protect life at the critical moment. There is certainly no problem with the mechanical handbrake, but many people will have doubts about the electronic handbrake

in fact, there is no need to doubt such a problem. It was thought at the beginning of the design that although the handbrake was changed into an electronic type, the button pulling in an emergency is still effective and the braking force is greater

the emergence of electronic handbrake can save a lot of parts of traditional handbrake. Although the price of traditional hand brake parts is not necessarily superior to that of electronic hand brake assembly, the saved space can be more useful; The whole electronic handbrake working module can be applied to most models, so as to reduce production costs and popularize this technology to lower level models

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